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Since 2007, Robin has helped 40000 people find work abroad.

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Do you need help finding work in the Netherlands?

Robin has a wide range of job offers in a variety of industries. You can apply to some positions even if you dont have any experience, and many agencies offer positions for couples. With Robin’s team of experts you will find a job that meets your expectations.

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coca cola
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4 / 5 (4 reviews)
These people do 100% of their work.
Through this agency it’s definitely worth it. I myself worked for 1.5 years through them in the Netherlands.
It went really well, I went to work completely without problems.
4 reviews
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These people do 100% of their work.
Through this agency it’s definitely worth it. I myself worked for 1.5 years through them in the Netherlands.
It went really well, I went to work completely without problems.
“I didn't know where to go. Then I got a call from Robin: We found you a job at Tesla, when can you start? What? Now!”
I found work with Robin at the Tesla factory: it's a dream job

Find a Job in the Netherlands in 4 Steps

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  • Recruiting

    Our job experts will help you find the best match for you

  • Relocation

    Once you have the job and accommodation waiting for you, you can move to the Netherlands

  • Settling in

    Robin will support you every step of the way, and we will check in even after you start working

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    Finding Work in the Netherlands is Easy with Robin

    What does Robin do to help you find work in the Netherlands?

    • We have a network of over 35 employment agencies that keep looking for international candidates.
    • We offer jobs to everyone who has an EU passport. To get started, all you have to do is create a profile on Robin and apply to the jobs you like.
    • We also offer accommodation in the Netherlands and provide you with a comfortable working experience.

    What kind of agencies we work with?

    • All of Robin’s partners have over 10 years of experience in international recruitment.
    • They are successful in providing work and accommodation for Robin candidates.
    • Agencies working with Robin are ABU recruiters.

    Do we charge jobseekers?

    • No, Robin doesn’t charge jobseekers.
    • Candidates can create a free account and start looking for work in the Netherlands.
    • We earn by charging employment agencies for the help we provide.

    How does Robin compare to other agencies that offer work abroad?

    • We provide the best recruiting experience for candidates from EU countries.
    • You will receive all the information at the right time before you move.
    • We keep in touch with you when you start working and connect you to like-minded people from your country who can help you accommodate.

    Why Robin?

    • We are a sidekick and you are the hero. We will help you work internationally.
    • We communicate clearly and honestly with candidates so they know what to expect when they move.
    • We offer more than just work – Robin cares about your experience.

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