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Are you looking to work in the Netherlands?

Robin has diverse job offers available for multiple sectors and occupations. We have a wide variety of vacancies for couples, experienced and inexperienced candidates. With Robin’s job experts, you will find a job that matches your expectations.

Let us help you in your search for a job in the Netherlands.

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It went really well, I went to work completely without problems.
Through this agency it’s definitely worth it. I myself worked for 1.5 years through them in the Netherlands.
The Agent that was helping me, Anna Ewelina Kita was very helpful and was always in contact with me to...
Peter Luzynski
4 reviews
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It went really well, I went to work completely without problems.
Through this agency it’s definitely worth it. I myself worked for 1.5 years through them in the Netherlands.
Peter Luzynski
Peter Luzynski
The Agent that was helping me, Anna Ewelina Kita was very helpful and was always in contact with me to...
“I didn't know where to go. Then I got a call from Robin: We found you a job at Tesla, when can you start? What? Now!”
I found work with Robin at the Tesla factory: it's a dream job

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Advice on how to get the most out of your experience working in the Netherlands

1. Be open-minded and flexible

Is this your first time working in the Netherlands? Remember to keep a flexible mindset and manage your expectations, without having this experience firsthand rarely will the reality match what you imagined when moving to another country.

Experience is the best teacher! Working abroad for even a short period will strengthen your character, make you an adaptable, hard-working individual. Able to enjoy the company of other cultures, mindsets, weather and traditions. Let yourself enjoy the experience!

Remember this is a new adventure, try to have an open-minded mentality and give yourself the first few weeks a chance to adapt to this new environment, the more experience and longer you get accustomed, the more you will get enriched with the knowledge for better chances in the Netherlands and in your home country.

2. Learn English

The Netherlands ranks #1 in the world for people that speak English as a second language. Though the Netherlands’ primary language is Dutch, you can hold a conversation in English with almost anyone. Knowing how to have a conversation in English will help you discover this country of tulips, windmills, and clogs to its fullness.

English language skills will help you understand your colleagues and your employer better in your new workplace. There are fewer opportunities for non-English speakers.
Often, many people are afraid to speak their mind in an unfamiliar language in this case English, even when they know the language pretty well.

If you want to increase your opportunities, don’t be scared to speak up. Everyone makes mistakes. The only thing that matters in communication is that the other person understands you. A high English level is not relevant to be understood. If you have questions regarding your English language level or would like some ideas on how to improve your skills, don’t hesitate to speak to Robins’ job experts.

3. Show your motivation.

Are you eager to earn as much money as possible during your stay in the Netherlands? The key to that is trying to get more responsibility at work and to get extra hours.

The Dutch are fans of employees showing initiative to learn new things or be ready to work overtime. If you find yourself not busy during working hours, start organizing your workspace. Put that extra effort, finish your tasks earlier than you supposed to, arrive slightly earlier to your shift (yes, the Dutch hate it when people are late to work). These are all signals for dutch managers that show the right motivation. When the manager notices you are eager to do more, you will get more responsibilities and, eventually, a higher salary. You will be the first one to work overtime.

4. Move together with a friend to work in the Netherlands.

When you travel to work in the Netherlands for the first time, we advise you to go together with a friend or spouse. Emotionally, it’s easier to get through the experience of moving to another country together. Though for agencies, it is harder to find work for friends or couples. There are still opportunities Robin can offer for those who like to go together, mostly if they both speak English.

Another significant benefit of going with someone else is that most of the rooms provided by the agency in the Netherlands are shared with someone else. It’s always a question who that other person will be if you travel alone to work in the Netherlands. Together, agencies can offer a room for both of you in almost all cases.

5. Learn to drive a bicycle and get ready to cycle through the rain.

Cycling is the most common way of transportation in the Netherlands. Chances are very high that you will be travelling to work and back by bicycle when you move to work in the Netherlands. Get ready to use the bike for your daily commute, and eventually, you will start enjoying it.
The Netherlands has the world’s best infrastructure for driving bicycles with flat landscapes and towns that are well connected with paved bicycle roads. There is even a network of bicycle highways in which bikes prefer any other vehicle such as cars.

At most employment agencies, a bicycle will be provided when the distance from work to your accommodation is less than 10 km’s from each other. A significant benefit of cycling is that it’s cheap and good for your health. One of the biggest enemies of a cyclist is rain, and it will rain in the Netherlands! Soon you will be skilled in cycling with an umbrella or cycling with your rain gear 🙂

6. Prepare a good CV

Your future employer in the Netherlands is keen on seeing what kind of jobs you were doing before. This is why many agencies in the Netherlands require job seekers a CV to see what type of job experience you have. Even summer jobs or jobs you did some years in the past might help you get a better-paid job.

At Robin, we are not pushing too hard on CVs as we believe that a CV doesn’t tell much about the person behind the applicant. Still, most employers don’t share that philosophy.

If you have trouble writing a CV, Robins’ job experts will help you write one, and, just like all our services towards jobseekers, completely free of charge!

With the job, everything is better than I expected, after one week I already worked 40 hours per week. Accommodation could be better but i'm happy :) Robin did a great job!
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More information about working and living in the Netherlands.

Why should I use Robin’s help with getting a job with accommodation in the Netherlands?

What can Robin do for you?

Robin offers intermediate services between Dutch temporary employment agencies and people looking for a job with a living space in the Netherlands. Along with Robbins’ job expert, you will compare and discuss what agency and what company suits your wishes most. As Robin has a network with over 20 employment agencies in the Netherlands, we can offer a job to almost anyone, as long as you have an EU passport. But Robin goes further than that.

Our services extend to finding the right job with accommodation for you in the Netherlands.
On request, Robin brings you in touch with like-minded people to yourself that left for the Netherlands before you. People that are already accustomed to the country will help you feel confident. Robin’s job experts will remain available for you for questions and help if needed. Our job never ends. We want to offer more than work abroad, provide a comfortable relocation for EU employees to a new country, the Netherlands.

What type of agencies does Robin work with?

All agencies Robin cooperates with are operating in the international recruitment market and have at least 10 years of experience in this field. These agencies have proven to be successful in providing work with accommodation for candidates that used Robins services in the past.

Robin has been to these agencies themselves, have visited the accommodation provided, and spend some time at the workplaces offered to our job seekers. This is how Robin’s job experts create a good understanding of what is waiting ahead for you when you work in the Netherlands.

All agencies Robin works with are a member of the recruitment branch organizations of ABU. We know it follows a standard protocol, looking at the payment of salaries and the provided accommodation.

How do we earn money?

In case you’re asking yourself ‘If Robin doesn’t charge a fee to jobseekers for the help of getting a job with accommodation in the Netherlands, how do they make money’. The answer is that the Netherlands’ employment agency is paying for our services to find the right candidate for them. We are convinced that we do this more cost-efficiently than the agency is doing it themselves. Helping people is in our name, it’s the core of our business, it’s the reason we exist and why Robins’ job experts are going to work motivated each day. No one can do this better and more efficiently as we do. If you doubt this, challenge us 🙂

How does Robin compare to other agencies that offer work in the Netherlands?

Unlike many other agencies that recruit people to the Netherlands, Robin is interested in creating the best experience possible for those planning to leave abroad. This we do by providing the right information at the right moment, travel ourselves to the Netherlands, and visit accommodation and companies. Our mission is to offer more than work abroad. We stay in touch with you after you arrive in the Netherlands to make sure you are settling in fine. We connect you to like-minded people that travelled earlier to the Netherlands so they can help you get around. We are most satisfied when you recommend our service to a friend.

Where does the name Robin come from?

Robin is a familiar name for those of you that like stories and action heroes. Robin is a helping hand for people. Making sure that job seekers get the support they need at the moment is the most crucial. Robin creates trust, communicates openly and clearly to people, our job experts will be honest with what you should expect when arriving in the Netherlands, we don’t like surprises. Robin offers more than work abroad. One of Robin’s values is driven, which proves that we want to improve ourselves and the journey of the people we help every day.

Got questions?

Don't hesitate to contact our recruiter!

Other questions you might have, continue reading.

How fast can you provide me with a job with accommodation in the Netherlands?

The speed on when you want to get a job depends on you. Each day there are job offers available for you. Robins’ job experts will check with you what position is open and when the new employer expects you to start. In general, the sooner you want to go, the more job offers there are.

What happens when I arrive in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, someone will be there to welcome you and guide you to the sleeping place provided for you. Before you leave on your trip to the Netherlands, Robins’ job experts will share a person’s contact details that will meet you in the Netherlands. As well as the address where you can arrive. In case you are flying, someone will be there to pick you up at the airport.

How is transport organized in the Netherlands, and who pays for this?

Transport from your new accommodation to your work is organized by the Dutch employment agency. The mode of transport differs from one agency from the other. Most agencies offer bicycles for distances of up to 10 km and cars or minivans for commutes further than that.

Is the Netherlands a safe country to live and work?

The Netherlands is an exceptionally safe country to live in. It’s crime rates are low, especially outside of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague.

How much money should I bring when I move to the Netherlands?

Your first salary will be paid at least two weeks after you arrive in the Netherlands. This is why Robin advises you to take at least 200 euros with you to buy groceries for the first weeks.

What happens when I lose my job you provide me in the Netherlands?

In the unfortunate case that you lose your job out of your control, Robins’ job experts will offer you a new job, usually within a couple of days. In our experience, this rarely happens as the employment agency usually has other jobs available for you.

Do you help me organize my trip to the Netherlands?

Yes, we know the easiest and most comfortable ways to travel to the Netherlands. We give you advice and tricks on how to get to the Netherlands. Upon your arrival, someone will be there to welcome you and guide you to your accommodation.

Will I sign anything before I move to the Netherlands?

Your employment contract will be prepared for you and signed upon your arrival in the Netherlands. Some agencies Robin cooperates with and asks people to sign Pre-agreement agreements or service agreements before their departure to the Netherlands. Our job experts will give you full instructions on how to do this.

Will Robins’ expert be available to help me when I arrive in the Netherlands?

Yes, our job is done when you feel comfortable with your new work and living place in the Netherlands. Robins’ job experts will remain available for help and questions and will stay in touch with you to make sure you are settling in fine in this new country.

Is the Netherlands an expensive country to live in?

Yes and no. Housing in the Netherlands is expensive. Expect to pay around 100 Euro per week for accommodation which will be provided by the agency. As well, services such as restaurants and cinemas are expensive. Groceries, on the other hand, are relatively cheap. Expect to spend around 50 Euro per week on groceries.

Are all services Robin provides free of charge?

Yes, all services Robin provides towards job seekers are free of charge. Our job experts are there to find you the best job and be available if needed for help when you arrive in the Netherlands. Our job is only done when you are happy at your new work and living place.

Who organizes my social security number in the Netherlands?

The social security number (in Dutch BSN number) is organized by the temporary employment agency upon your arrival to the Netherlands free of charge. Safe your social security number carefully. The number can be used for any communication with the Dutch government.

How many hours can I expect to work when I move to the Netherlands?

The amount of hours you work depends mostly on the season of the year and your motivation. Expect to work on average, 38 hours per week. Most of the temporary employment agencies don’t offer guarantees on a minimum amount of hours.

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