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Explore Work Opportunities in the Netherlands Across Industries

Robin has a wide range of job offers in a variety of industries. You can apply to some positions even if you don’t have experience, and many agencies offer positions for couples.

With Robin’s team of experts, you will easily find a job abroad that meets your skill set and goals. We constantly update our job offers so that you can find jobs in the Netherlands in one of the following sectors.



There are a large number of work opportunities in the Netherlands for skilled workers to get paid in the technical sector. In fact, most of our employment partners need technical workers in different fields in different parts of the country. Carpenters, CNC operators, mechanics, electricians, drivers, welders, and many other skilled workers are welcome to apply. For some positions, multiple workers are needed.



he Dutch services sector offers vast opportunities to work in the Netherlands for foreigners, and it has always been one of the most exciting industries. Whether you are a bartender or a receptionist or looking for a job in a restaurant, Robin has some opportunities you might be interested in. These positions are fantastic for people who love working with others, getting to know Dutch culture, and earning money while doing so.



Skilled candidates can also explore opportunities in Dutch production industries. Production workers can apply for vacancies at different factories and assembly lines. From large companies to family businesses, you can find a job that suits your skills and meets your expectations.



Large logistics companies are looking for warehouse operators, warehouse workers, order pickers, reach truck drivers, and other workers to help them out. Some of the positions in the logistics sector are ideal for people who don’t have a lot of experience but want to work abroad, while others require some skills. Salaries and benefits in this industry are competitive.



Working in the field has never been easy, but in the Netherlands, positions in the agriculture sector are well-paid. Greenhouse workers, gardeners, tractor drivers, and other workers are needed in the Netherlands, and if this is what you do best, keep an eye on the job offers. Explore different positions in these industries, and let us help you find work in the Netherlands.

Find a job in the Netherlands in companies like:

coca cola
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4 / 5 (4 reviews)
Through this agency it’s definitely worth it. I myself worked for 1.5 years through them in the Netherlands.
The Agent that was helping me, Anna Ewelina Kita was very helpful and was always in contact with me to...
Peter Luzynski
It went really well, I went to work completely without problems.
4 reviews
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Through this agency it’s definitely worth it. I myself worked for 1.5 years through them in the Netherlands.
Peter Luzynski
Peter Luzynski
The Agent that was helping me, Anna Ewelina Kita was very helpful and was always in contact with me to...
It went really well, I went to work completely without problems.
“I didn't know where to go. Then I got a call from Robin: We found you a job at Tesla, when can you start? What? Now!”
I found work with Robin at the Tesla factory: it's a dream job

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How Can Robin Help You Find Work with Accommodation in the Netherlands?

At Robin, we specialise in providing intermediary services that bridge the gap between you and employment agencies in the Netherlands.

Our goal is to help individuals seeking to work abroad, especially those looking for work in the Netherlands with accommodation. Working closely with Robin’s job experts, you can connect with top agencies in the Netherlands with accommodation and choose the position that best aligns with your goals. With a vast network of over 35 employment agencies in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, we’re well-equipped to offer work abroad jobs to almost anyone possessing an EU passport. But our commitment doesn’t stop there.

Our services extend beyond just finding you the right work in the Netherlands with accommodation; we aim to ensure a comfortable relocation for EU employees to a new country.

Upon request, Robin can connect you with like-minded individuals who have already moved to the Netherlands, Germany, or Belgium. This network of peers who are accustomed to the country will help bolster your confidence as you navigate this significant life change. Our job experts remain at your disposal for any queries and assistance you might need. At Robin, we strive to provide more than work opportunities in the Netherlands for foreigners; we’re here to facilitate a smooth transition to living and working abroad.

Finding Work in the Netherlands is Easy with Robin

What does Robin do to help you find a job in the Netherlands?

  • We have a network of over 35 employment agencies that keep looking for international candidates.
  • We offer jobs to everyone who has an EU passport. To get started, all you have to do is create a profile on Robin.
  • We also offer accommodation in the Netherlands and provide you with a comfortable working experience.

What kind of employment agencies do we work with?

  • All of Robin’s partners have over 10 years of experience in international recruitment.
  • They are successful in providing work and accommodation in the Netherlands for all Robin candidates.
  • Agencies working with Robin are ABU recruiters.

Do we charge jobseekers?

No, Robin doesn’t charge job seekers. Candidates can create a free account and start looking for work in the Netherlands. Employment agencies pay Robin to find the right candidates.

How does Robin compare to other agencies that offer work abroad?

  • We provide the best recruiting experience for candidates across Europe.
  • You will receive all the information at the right time before you move.
  • When you start working, we keep in touch with you and connect you to like-minded people from your country who can help you accommodate.

Why Robin?

  • We are a sidekick and you are the hero.
  • We will help you find a job in the Netherlands.
  • We communicate clearly and honestly with candidates so they know what to expect when they move.
  • We offer more than just work – Robin cares about your experience.

Learn About Accommodation in the Netherlands

All vacancies in the Netherlands on Robin come with secured housing.
Accommodation is provided by your employer in the Netherlands, and you can’t choose the housing you get. The most common options include chalets, hotels, holiday homes, and mobile homes. You don’t have to agree to the accommodation from the employer, but this option is much less expensive, and it is usually close to work.

Read our post about the accommodation options in the Netherlands and learn more about each of the types and their prices, benefits, disadvantages, as well as the distance to work.

Key Steps to Ensure a Smooth Transition to Working Abroad

How to Get the Most Out of Your Job in the Netherlands

Work opportunities in the Netherlands, especially those for foreigners, can significantly enrich your professional and personal life. Whether you aim to work in the Netherlands in a specific sector or you’re exploring various jobs working abroad, the right preparation and mindset are essential for getting the most out of your experience.

Here are some of the easy things you can do to
best prepare for work in the Netherlands:


Be Open-minded and Flexible

If it’s your first time working in the Netherlands, embrace the journey with an open mind. Real-life experiences rarely match our expectations, especially in a new country. While the reality of working abroad might differ from your expectations, it’s still an invaluable opportunity to grow, build resilience, and enhance your adaptability, allowing you to appreciate diverse cultures, climates, and traditions. Being adaptable and open to new cultures and practices not only enriches your experience but also prepares you for diverse work opportunities in the Netherlands.


Improve Your English Skills

With the Netherlands leading as the number one country for English as a second language, mastering conversational English is essential for anyone looking for work in the Netherlands for foreigners. Despite Dutch being the primary language, English allows you to fully experience the Dutch lifestyle, from tulips to windmills. Improved English skills ensure better communication with colleagues and employers, opening up more international work opportunities. Don’t let fear of mistakes hinder your communication; clarity is more important than perfection. Robin’s job experts are here to guide you in improving your language skills, and you can start by reading our blog on this topic and letting us know how we can further help.

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Showcase Your Motivation

To maximise your earnings in the Netherlands, seek additional responsibilities and work hours. The Dutch value initiative, whether it’s learning new skills or offering to work overtime. Showing proactive behaviour, like organising your workspace, arriving earlier to your shift, or completing tasks promptly, signals your dedication. This can lead to increased responsibilities and, consequently, higher earnings at your job abroad. Be eager to do more and be the first one to work overtime.


Consider Working in the Netherlands

Experiencing the Netherlands for the first time is more manageable with a friend or partner. While it might pose a challenge for agencies to find work abroad programs for couples, Robin offers solutions for those wishing to live and work in the Netherlands together. Sharing accommodation provided by agencies becomes simpler and often more pleasant when arranged with someone you know, making your adaptation to Dutch life easier.

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Embrace Dutch Cycling Culture

Cycling is an integral part of commuting in the Netherlands. Prepare to adopt this eco-friendly and healthy mode of transportation, which offers a unique way to experience the country’s scenic beauty and efficient infrastructure. Rain or shine, cycling is a daily adventure that promotes physical well-being and cost savings. Robin ensures that bicycles are provided to those living within 10km of work, making your journey to and from your job in the Netherlands as smooth as possible.


Update Your CV for Job Offers in the Netherlands

You will need a well-prepared CV in English when looking for work in the Netherlands. While Robin focuses on the person beyond the resume, many Dutch employers still value a detailed work history. It allows them to understand your work history and assess your fit for available job vacancies in the Netherlands. If you need assistance creating your CV, Robin’s job experts are ready to help, offering our services free of charge to all job seekers.

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Prepare for Work in the Netherlands

At Robin, we’re all about matching you with the best job opportunities in the Netherlands and helping you start a new life abroad. We aim to make your job application and relocation as smooth as possible, ensuring you have all the information you need in advance. Let’s explore some other questions you might have about living and working in Holland:

1. What happens when I arrive in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, someone will welcome you and guide you to the sleeping place provided for you. Before you leave to work in the Netherlands, Robins’ job experts will share the contact details of a person who will meet you there and the address where you can arrive. If you are flying, someone will pick you up at the airport.

2. How is transport organised in the Netherlands, and who pays for this?

The Dutch employment agency organises transport from your new accommodation to your work. The mode of transport differs from one agency to the other. Most agencies offer bicycles for distances of up to 10 km and cars or minivans for commutes further than that.

3. Is the Netherlands a safe country to live and work abroad?

The Netherlands is an exceptionally safe country to live in. Its crime rates are low, especially outside Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and the Hague.

4. How much money should I bring when I move to the Netherlands?

Your first salary will be paid at least two weeks after you arrive in the Netherlands. This is why Robin advises you to take at least €200 to buy groceries for the first weeks.

5. What happens if I lose my job in the Netherlands?

If you lose your job due to external factors, Robins’ job experts will find you a new offer, usually within a few days. In our experience, this rarely happens as the employment agency usually has other jobs available for you.

6. Do you help me organise my trip to the Netherlands?

Yes, we know the easiest and most comfortable ways to travel to the Netherlands, and we’ll share all our tricks and advice with you. Upon your arrival, someone will be there to welcome you and guide you to your new accommodation and job abroad.

7. Will I sign anything before I move to the Netherlands?

Your employment contract will be prepared and signed upon your arrival in the Netherlands. Agencies Robin cooperates with can ask candidates to sign Pre-agreement or Service agreements before their move to the Netherlands. Our job experts will give you full instructions on how to do this.

8. Will the Robin team help me when I arrive in the Netherlands?

Our job is done only when you feel comfortable with your new life and work in the Netherlands. Robins’ job experts will remain available for help and questions and will stay in touch with you to ensure you get the most out of your work opportunity in the Netherlands.

9. Is the Netherlands an expensive country to live in?

This depends on the spending category. Housing in the Netherlands is expensive, and you can expect to pay around €100 per week for accommodation provided by the agency. If you look for accommodation in the Netherlands alone, the cost can be significantly higher. As well, services such as restaurants and cinemas are quite expensive. Groceries, on the other hand, are relatively cheap, and you can expect to spend around €50 per week on groceries.

10. Who organises my social security number in the Netherlands?

The social security number (in Dutch – BSN number) is organised by the temporary employment agency upon your arrival to the Netherlands, free of charge. Keep your social security number safe, as it’s needed for any communication with the Dutch government.

11. How many hours can I expect to work at my job in the Netherlands?

The amount of hours you work depends mostly on the season of the year and your motivation. Expect to work, on average, 38 hours per week, and bear in mind that most of the temporary employment agencies don’t offer guarantees on minimum hours worked.

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