We are Robin
Robin is an international recruitment company that connects trusted employment agencies and job seekers.
  • Mission

    Facilitate borderless recruitment

  • Our vision

    A world with equal labor opportunities with the goal of improving the lives of 7000 heroes per year by 2025

We Provide Tailored Career Solutions: Trust Robin for Your Job Search Needs

  • 2007

    the year RobinJobs was found

  • 16+

    minimum years of our experience

  • 40000

    people happily found their jobs through RobinJobs

  • 91%

    a recommedation rate by our employed workers

  • Our core values

  • Personal

    We give personal attention so we can connect as humans while being remote.

  • Clean

    We’re always looking for the most efficient direction by not over complicating things.

  • Complete

    Life is more than work, but work can give you a sense of purpose. We help you to achieve your future goals.

  • Driven

    We get bored quickly, that’s why we work hard on continuous improvement for a better result.

  • Trust

    We care and treat you as an equal. We’re there for you when you need us.

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