Warehouse worker/ loader , in Netherlands

Position is open for 12 daysAvailable positions: 1/6Salary: from 11.54€/h

Job description

EDCO founded in 1978 as an import/export company, has since that time earned itself a unique position as a global trading corporation. EDCO focuses on a large number of target groups, such as large-scale distributors, resellers, chain shops, catalog merchants, warehouses, and retail shops.

The company is looking for motivated candidates to join their loading department! Candidates work at a height (of 18 meters). 

Your main tasks will include: 

  • manually stack boxes from the container to a pallet;
  •  stacking products, sealing the stock; 
  • drive off full pallets (with required experience); 
  • products’ quality control, informing shift supervisor of any product defect;
  • assure safety regulations as a team member;
  • clean the working area. 

EDCO has locations in Deurne, Eindhoven, and Moerdijk. Candidates should be temporarily available for all locations.  Please note: If you live up to 10 km from work, you will need to ride a bicycle to work.

EDCO expects you to be dressed representative, so sweatpants are unfortunately not allowed. Of course, wearing a hat, scarf, warm sweater, and/or body warmer is allowed. 



21 Year 11.54 EUR +8.33% Holiday allowance = 12.50 EUR
Time window surcharge - shift 2 h mo-fr mo-fr 00-24 12.50 %
Time window surcharge - standard hours sa 00:00-17:00 50.00 %
Time window surcharge - standard hours sa 17:00-24:00 100.00 %
Time window surcharge - standard hours Su 100.00 %



  • CV in English is necessary to apply for this position;
  • VOG (Criminal Record Document) is a must;
  • Strong and resistant due to heavy-lifting packages, walking all day;
  • Not afraid of heights (work at 18m height); 
  • Flexibility to work multitasking and overtime, if needed;
  • Sweatpants, face/neck tattoos, or facial piercings are not allowed; 
  • Long-term availability to work in the Netherlands (minimum 6 months).



A2 English level