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Are you searching for the right partner to start a new life abroad?

Robin can help you. With over 14 years of experience in recruiting candidates from all over Europe to the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, our team has the tools and expertise to help you find the perfect job. We help you find the best country and job that will fit your wishes on the quest of improving your future. Robin has a big variety of job offers available for those that are looking for work with accommodation abroad.

We have access to a wide variety of job offers for couples, friends and individuals with and without experience. Our job experts will guide you through the entire process, from selecting the right country to getting settled abroad with a job and accommodation.

Let us help you find the best choice for your future abroad.

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4 / 5 (4 reviews)
Through this agency it’s definitely worth it. I myself worked for 1.5 years through them in the Netherlands.
These people do 100% of their work.
The Agent that was helping me, Anna Ewelina Kita was very helpful and was always in contact with me to...
Peter Luzynski
4 reviews
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Through this agency it’s definitely worth it. I myself worked for 1.5 years through them in the Netherlands.
These people do 100% of their work.
Peter Luzynski
Peter Luzynski
The Agent that was helping me, Anna Ewelina Kita was very helpful and was always in contact with me to...
“I didn't know where to go. Then I got a call from Robin: We found you a job at Tesla, when can you start? What? Now!”
I found work with Robin at the Tesla factory: it's a dream job

How to get a job abroad

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    Once you have the job and accommodation waiting for you, you can move to the Netherlands
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    Robin will support you every step of the way, and we will check in even after you start working.

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coca cola

Advice on how to get the most out of your experience working abroad

1. Pick the country you go to carefully.

The first advice we have for you when you go to work abroad is to carefully select the country you will spend some time of your life in. Set a goal for yourself and pick the country that is the most likely to fulfill that goal. If your goal is to save as much money as possible by working abroad, check what salaries are paid. And next to salary, check how expensive your cost of living will be. Your savings each month will depend on those two factors mainly.

Other factors that will help you choose a country to work could be:
Do you know the country first hand? What attracts you to the state, and do you have friends who have had good working experiences?
How easy and affordable it is to travel to that specific country so that you can travel home once in a while. What quality of life can you expect to be a foreigner in that country? A good starting point is checking the quality of life index. Is there an active international community that can help you adapt faster to the new country?

2. The grass is not always greener abroad.

You might have created the perception that everything abroad is better than at home, especially for those going for the first time to work and live abroad. We can tell you already, it’s not! Nowhere you will feel as well as at home. The environment that is familiar to you and doesn’t take you energy to adapt to. Yes, when going to work abroad, certain things are likely to be of higher standards as you are used to.

Expect good healthcare, friendly people, and excellent infrastructure to move around. But working abroad doesn’t mean a trip to paradise. You will need to work hard, live with people that are hard to understand for you, and not get along well with. Suppose you are ready for a significant change and are motivated for a new challenge abroad. In that case, Robin will be there to help you and make sure this step goes as comfortably as possible.

3. Set a long term goal

Think for yourself the main reason to go to work abroad and design the path towards that goal. Otherwise, you might waste a lot of energy jumping from one place to the next without having any savings in your bank account as a result. An excellent example of a goal is to earn as much money as possible during your time abroad. Another example could be to escape your current life or get as much out of the experience abroad.
According to the goal you set for yourself, you can make decisions on where and how you would like to work:

  • Go to work with a friend or alone;
  • Go to work in the Netherlands f.e. Or Germany or Belgium.
  • How you long you would like to go abroad
  • If you like a stable job or prefer to have flexible jobs

Speak to Robin’s job expert and let us know why you plan to go to work abroad. Together we can decide what job offer will be the most suitable for you.

4. Make sure you can speak to locals.

Expect to work abroad 40 hours per week. This means you will spend more of your time living abroad than working abroad. To get the most out of your experience living abroad, make sure you can communicate with locals. For example, in the Netherlands and Belgium, around 90% of the locals can hold a conversation in English. Speaking English will help you communicate at work, meet people on the street, ask for help, and talk to the salesperson in the shop that approaches you. Who knows, you will end up with some new local friends that will show you all the best things the country has to offer.

In Germany, fewer people speak English, so we recommend it for people planning to work in Germany to learn at least the German language basics.

5. Go abroad with somebody else, preferably that was living abroad already

Going to work and living abroad has a significant impact on your life. Especially if you go for the first time to work overseas, we recommend you to go together with somebody else. If possible, with someone that has spent some time abroad already. Someone that knows their way around and creates calm in a rather stressful situation.

Don’t worry about those who don’t mind the challenges or even prefer to go alone to work abroad. The Robins job experts will find work for you and take care of people similar to you, coming from the same country. This makes it easier for you to adapt. Actually, for Robin, it’s easier to find work for people going to work abroad alone. An advantage of going alone is that you will be more exposed to other people. This will force you to search for new contacts. These contacts might become valuable friends in the future. Soon you’ll realize that the country you come from doesn’t matter that much. Being a foreigner abroad connects you to other foreigners similar to you, who left their homeland to find work elsewhere.

6. Prepare a good CV

Why prepare a good C.V. you might wonder when you go to work, such as an order picker or a production worker in the Netherlands or Germany. To be honest, Robin doesn’t put a lot of value into C.V.’s either. Still, many companies that start working with foreign personnel would like to see at least the last employment, to create some security that you are the right fit for the job. If you worked all your life in the office, for example, some companies might doubt that you will be the right pick as an order picker, for example.

To leave all your options open for you, we recommend spending some time putting your work experience together into a C.V. Even the smallest details might broaden the opportunities for you to get a job abroad. If you don’t know where to start, there are many free CV writing tools available. An example is https://www.visualcv.com/. If you are still stuck, let Robin’s job expert know. For motivated people, we are glad to assist in writing the C.V., and this, just like all Robins’ services, free of charge.

Andris Lacars
Andris Lacars
Many colleagues and managers help by pointing out mistakes and explaining how to correct them and showing how to do the job correctly.
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Got questions?

Don’t hesitate to ask our reqruiter

Why should I use Robin’s help with getting a job with accommodation abroad?

What can Robin do for you?

Robin offers intermediate services between temporary employment agencies and people looking for a job with a living space in aboard. Along with Robbins’ job expert, you will compare and discuss what agency and what company suits your wishes most. As Robin has a network with over 20 employment agencies, we can offer a job to almost anyone, as long as you have an EU passport. But Robin goes further than that.

Our services extend to finding the right job with accommodation aboard.
On request, Robin brings you in touch with like-minded people to yourself that went abroad before you. People that are already accustomed to the country will help you feel confident. Robin’s job experts will remain available for you for questions and help if needed. Our job never ends. We want to offer more than work abroad, provide a comfortable relocation for EU employees to a new country.

What type of agencies does Robin work with?

All agencies Robin cooperates with are operating in the international recruitment market and have at least 10 years of experience in this field. These agencies have proven to be successful in providing work with accommodation for candidates that used Robins services in the past.

Robin has been to these agencies themselves, have visited the accommodation provided, and spend some time at the workplaces offered to our job seekers. This is how Robin’s job experts create a good understanding of what is waiting ahead for you when you work aboard.

All agencies Robin works with are a member of the recruitment branch organizations of ABU. We know it follows a standard protocol, looking at the payment of salaries and the provided accommodation.

How do we earn money?

In case you’re asking yourself ‘If Robin doesn’t charge a fee to jobseekers for the help of getting a job with accommodation abroad, how do they make money?’. The answer is that the employment agency is paying for our services to find the right candidate for them. We are convinced that we do this more cost-efficiently than the agency is doing it themselves. Helping people is in our name, it’s the core of our business, it’s the reason we exist and why Robins’ job experts are going to work motivated each day. No one can do this better and more efficiently as we do. If you doubt this, challenge us 🙂

How does Robin compare to other agencies that offer work abroad?

Unlike many other agencies that recruit people abroad, Robin is interested in creating the best experience possible for those planning to leave abroad. This we do by providing the right information at the right moment, travel ourselves abroad, and visit accommodation and companies. Our mission is to offer more than work abroad. We stay in touch with you after you arrive in abroad to make sure you are settling in fine. We connect you to like-minded people that travelled earlier went abroad so they can help you get around. We are most satisfied when you recommend our service to a friend.

Where does the name Robin come from?

Robin is a familiar name for those of you that like stories and action heroes. Robin is a helping hand for people. Making sure that job seekers get the support they need at the moment is the most crucial. Robin creates trust, communicates openly and clearly to people, our job experts will be honest with what you should expect when arriving abroad, we don’t like surprises. Robin offers more than work abroad. One of Robin’s values is driven, which proves that we want to improve ourselves and the journey of the people we help every day.

Other questions you might have, continue reading.

In what countries does Robin offer work?

Robin offers work in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. And with success! This year we expect to help more than 2.000 people get a job with accommodation abroad.

Will you pay for travel abroad?

Though getting work abroad is for free, expenses on your trip abroad should be covered by yourself. Robin job experts will suggest the most affordable way to travel to the Netherlands.

I have my own living place abroad already, can you find work for me nearby?

No, keep in mind that Germany and Belgium jobs are spread over the Netherlands’ whole country. Only in some areas in the Netherlands can you find work when you have your own accommodation. In that case, make sure you have your own means of transport to get to work.

Can you offer me work directly at a company without an agency?

Robin provides most jobs at international employment agencies abroad. This way, we make sure there is taken care of a job with accommodation for you. In exceptional situations, we can as well offer work directly at a company. In that case, you should have housing organized by yourself. Both employment agencies and companies have to apply the same minimum salary conditions.

How much money can I expect to earn abroad?

Expect that your gross salary is slightly more than the country’s national minimum wage where you will work. You should deduct the accommodation costs and insurances to know how much your net salary will be from your paycheck.

Is getting a job abroad through Robin free of charge?

Yes, all our services for job seekers are free of charge. This includes finding work with accommodation, writing a CV, helping to upload documents needed for an employment contract, etc. We stay in touch with you once you arrive abroad to make sure you are settling in fine.

How much does the accommodation cost abroad?

Accommodation will be provided for you, but it is not for free. The costs of accommodation will be deducted from your salary. Expect to pay around 100 Euro per week for a bed in a double room.

How will I travel to work and back?

Work travel will be organized by the employment agency abroad. Either a bicycle, when the commute is less than 10 km, a company car or minibus.

I don’t have an E.U. passport, can you provide work abroad for me?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer work abroad for those who don’t have an E.U. passport.

With whom will I sign a working contract?

You will sign an employment contract with a temporary employment agency abroad in a language you can understand—either your mother’s tongue or English.

Do you offer summer jobs for students abroad?

Yes, for those seeking work abroad for the summer months, there will be work available. As long as you can communicate in English and can stay at least 3 months abroad. As a student, you should expect a job in the agricultural sector or in logistics.

For what ages do you offer work?

We offer work abroad for anyone from 18 to 55 years old, as long as you are physically fit and motivated to work overseas.

Can you provide me with a reference for someone that used your services previously?

Yes, our job experts can get you in touch with people just like yourself, that left to work abroad previously. We enjoy connecting similar people to each other to make their life abroad more comfortable.

Do you offer short-term jobs abroad?

Yes, Robin provides work for people who are planning to stay for a short term, for example, three months, but for people who plan to last for years abroad.

How fast can I get a job abroad?

How much time it takes for you to get a job depends totally on yourself! Basically, we follow the formula; the faster, the better. On short notice, there are more jobs available compared to jobs that are planned ahead.

How much time does it take to do the paperwork?

We assist you in providing your documents to the agency. It depends on the agency what type of documents are needed. It does not have to take more than 15 minutes to process this paperwork with our help.

Do I have to live in accommodation that is provided to me?

No, though it’s comfortable for most people to live in the accommodation provided, agencies are open for people who prefer to find accommodation by themselves. Keep in mind that it can be a struggle to find affordable housing in the Netherlands.

Can I have a room in the accommodation that is provided for me?

It depends on the agency you will work for if you can have a room for yourself. Some agencies provide small private rooms in the accommodation that they have available. Most people stay in double rooms.

I would like to go to work abroad with my friend, can you find work for me?

Yes, although the number of jobs provided for couples is slimmer than jobs for singles, we actually recommend you go to work abroad with a friend. The experience of working and living temporarily abroad is best when it’s shared.

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