Security DevOps Engineer (€3240 to €5400) Utrecht, in Netherlands

Position is open for 284 daysAvailable positions: 2/2Salary: from /h

Job description

One of our biggest partners in The Netherlands is currently on the lookout for a Security DevOps Engineer. The goal is that the Sec DevOps Engineer would be able to work collaboratively with the team and stakeholders, to ensure that products and services are deployed, maintained, and supported in a secure and agile way.

The ideal candidate should be able to withstand stress when dealing with incidents and has the skillset to troubleshoot, report, and get resolvent on the issue.

We are looking for someone that:

  • Works securely and accountable;
  • Has experience with APIs (RESTful, SOAP, etc.);
  • Has full-stack knowledge (XAMPP/LAMPP/WAMPP etc.);
  • Has CI/CD automation skills (Jenkins, Azure pipelines, etc.);
  • Possess agile skills (scrum, Kanban, safe, etc.).

Some of the personal skills we are looking for:

  • Good communication in English and Dutch;
  • Team player.

If you want to apply for this role, you should:

  • Have an updated English CV in word format (PDF not accepted);
  • A good description of all desired requirements, wishes, and competencies;
  • All highlighted points, specified in the application, must be described separately and clearly (for example number of years of work experience, with which organization and in which role these have been carried out, etc.);
  • Availability;
  • Rate/Salary expectations;

Due to the 30% ruling, which is a tax advantage applicable for you as a highly-skilled immigrant, you will pay fewer taxes when working in the Netherlands for the first 5 years. For example, when you receive a gross salary of 5.000 Euros per month, you can expect to get around 4.400 euros net.

The salary of the candidate will depend on the experience; This is a long-term job offer,
36 working hours per week, with 12 months of work with a possibility to get a permanent contract.



  • An updated CV in English with details, name, address, in Word format (PDF is not accepted);
  • Experience with IT Security (PKI, Crypto, OWASP, etc.);
  • Experience HSM (hardware, software, virtual);
  • Deep level of experience at least on one programming language (java, python, c#, etc.);
  • Experience with Cloud deployment (AWS, Google, Azure, Docker, Chef, etc.);
  • Advanced experience chain integration (application build/release, deployment, integration with other apps);
  • Experience with hardware and software maintenance skills (troubleshoot broken hardware, 3rd party software configs, etc.),
  • Ethical hacking skills;
  • Holiday planning;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Reference of the recent employer.



Proficient in spoken and written English.