Order picker with EPT experience (voice picking) Barendrecht, in Netherlands, from 10,55€/hour

Position is open for 12 daysAvailable positions: 3/5

Job description

Our new partners from the Netherlands are looking for order pickers.
Work is in a large supermarket Logistics Center. Warehouse workers might also be asked to drive an EPT or a Forklift.
You main tasks will be:
  • Voice picking: all commands you will hear through a headset, with an English voice-pick system;
  • Order Picker: collecting supermarket products;
  • Assembling orders accurately and placing products on the correct locations to be then dispatched according to customer requirements;
  • Processing incoming products, using a scanner, marking load ticket for out of stock items, to assure they are ready for transport, after a final inspection;
  • Report all product discrepancies or quality issues to supervision including damaged product, wrong store number, equipment issues, etc.;
Driving the EPT and/or a forklift, you shall carry through the following tasks:
  • Loading and distributing of a variety of items from pallets in various locations in the warehouse

Working days are from Monday to Saturday, in 2 weekly rotating shifts. Morning shift starts from 05:00 to 11:00, afternoon shift begins from 19:00 to 03:00. Workers must be flexible to work on shifts, including weekends, holidays and overtime.
Temperature might vary within the warehouse depending on the locations where the products are stacked. Temperature is about +3°C degrees due to working with fresh products.

Long term job offer.


forklfit 11.37€/brutto per hour



  • CV in English is needed to apply for this job;
  • At least six months experience working as order picker and experience driving EPT in the past 2 years is a must;
  • Ready to work in cold warehouse, low temperature around +3 degrees all day;
  • Good learning skills and fast reaction;
  • Team work and proactivity to work independently;
  • Mandatory use of face masks in the workplace for public health reasons (covid-19);
  • Availability to stay in the Netherlands (minimum 6 months).



Good English communication Skills (B1 level). Agency will eventually test your English upon arrival.