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Logistic Operator Eindhoven, in Netherlands

Position is open for 308 daysAvailable positions: 2/5Salary: from 11.25€/h

Job description

Our partners in The Netherlands are looking for Logistic Operators to join their team at CEVA Logistics. In this company, you will gain experience rotating between different departments, such as order picker, packer or sorter. There is also the possibility of working as a Man-up employee, putting away the orders on height. (For this, it is necessary to do a training of 2 weeks).

If you love working hard, do not mind flexible schedules and want to work many hours, put your working shoes on, this is the job for you!

The main tasks for you in every department are:

As a sorter:

  • lifting full boxes of clothes from the line;
  • The boxes have to be sorted by pallet.

As an order picker:

  • you will collect all the pieces of clothing;
  • complete the requested order.

As a packer:

  • controlling the clothes per order;
  • packing the orders in a box, ready for sending.

The company offers many possibilities for growth in various departments with the possibility to do an internal EPT course.

Full salary is paid every 4 weeks,  accommodation, insurance etc is deducted from it. Pre-payment is received after two weeks and it is 3 euros per worked hour. The salary is received the following week (on Friday, or Monday, depends on the bank). After the end of the month employees receive a “big payment”, with the rest of the payment they haven’t received yet.

There are different possible locations depending on the agency’s needs: Eindhoven, Roosendaal



Saturdays - 150%
Sunday and holidays - 200%



  • A Cv in English is required to apply for this vacancy;
  • Working with precision at a high pace;
  • Good communication in English;
  • Flexible and willing to work in shifts;
  • Flexible to work in different departments;
  • Flexibility to stay in the Netherlands for a long period of time.



Good Communication skills in English, at least B1