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Helper - Cook , in Netherlands, from 10,45€/hour

Position is open for 101 daysAvailable positions: 10/10

Job description

i-Hospitality, our new partner in The Netherlands, is a specialized staffing organization active in the Dutch Hospitality Industry with its focus specifically on cooks, waitresses, front office, and housekeeping. They value their professionals and select them carefully. i-Hospitality works together with a lot of different restaurants and hotels, located in cities or villages, from very low key to fine dining.

They are currently looking for new employees to work as cook helpers. If you have experience in the hospitality field and good communication in English, this may be your opportunity!

Your mains tasks will be:

  • Assisting the other cooks and chefs;
  • Preparation of food;
  • Cutting vegetables;
  • Cleaning;
  • Preparing snacks / small dishes;
  • All-around tasks.

    The agency will have a call interview with the candidates before. You can travel to work by bike, public transport or car. You should be flexible with schedules and the workload, as there is a minimum of 38 hours guaranteed and a maximum of 60 hours (depending on the need for extra hours). Salaries are paid after 4 weeks but you can request money in advance after 1 week of work.

    There is a deposit of €154 (2 weeks of rent) for the accommodation (returned if the house is in good condition). A contract will be provided before traveling, and the agency will help you with flight arrangements and pick-ups from the airport. The candidates will get a private room in a shared house, with a lock and basic linen and toilets.

    If possible the candidate should bring dark pants and dark shoes.



    8% holiday allowance



    • A cv in English is needed to apply to this vacancy;
    • Experience as a cook helper/ runner or in the hospitality field;
    • Really good communication skills and level of English;
    • Social and responsible;
    • Enthusiasm and willingness to work in the hospitality field;
    • Available to stay in the Netherlands for a long period of time.



    Really good communication in English (at least B1)