Elevator mechanic with VCA (from €470net /week) Eindhoven, in Netherlands

Position is open for 28 daysAvailable positions: 5/5Salary: from 14.42€/h

Job description

Are you an experienced Elevator mechanic who is looking for new challenges in the Netherlands? This can be your opportunity then!

Van den Beemd B.V.  makes elevator shafts in various sizes and styles all over the Netherlands. They are looking for Elevator mechanics to join their team in Valkenswaard (next to Eindhoven) Each project and every shaft is different and has various challenges. For example, the shaft can either have an extreme height, or an exclusive covering. For an Elevator mechanic, it is important to ensure that the shaft is perfectly assembled and aligned. Therefore they search for people with experience from a similar field of expertise.

In this position, your daily tasks will be:

  • Expert interpretation of technical drawings and check the work area based on them
  • Attach the first two runners to the ceiling
  • Build the actual structure of the shaft
  • Install the other four runners
  • Constantly update the supervisor about all the progress and issues that may occur
  • Compliance with all relevant health and safety rules

The Company provides:

  • At least 40 hours/week, with the possibility of overtime (occassionally, on the weekends as well)
  • E-bike, bike or company car is provided, but own car is always welcome
  • Accommodation in a single bedroom for  €110/week (with a compensation of €52,50/week)
  • Depending on your experience and work attitude, your salary can move up to appoximately 620€ net/week
  • Paid initial training by the Company


Travel allowance: 0.21,€/km
Accommodation allowance: 52,50€/week
Saturday until 14.00: 46,60%
Saturday after 14.00: 63,80%
Sundays and holidays: 82,80%



  • CV in English is required to apply for this position;
  • Similar experience in the field of elevator installation/repairment is mandatory;
  • VCA certificate is mandatory;
  • Technical and architectural insight;
  • Ability to read and interpret technical drawings on a professional level;
  • No fear of heights;
  • Flexible regarding working hours and overtime;
  • Flexible in terms of location, one project usually lasts 1-2 weeks, then a new one starts in a new location;
  • Willingness to live and work with multiple nationalities;
  • Available to stay longer in the Netherlands;



At least B1 level of English or Dutch knowledge is mandatory