Cow-skin factory worker (day and NIGHT shift) Nijmegen, in Netherlands

Position is open for 328 daysAvailable positions: 2/2Salary: from 10.47€/h

Job description

Our partner in the Netherlands De Leeuw Hides N.V. who works with cow skins. After the Second World war the family company expanded its activities outside of Europe, making the company one of the biggest traders in hides and skins. With locations in the centre of the Netherlands and near the German boarder, De Leeuw Hides can easily reach their suppliers. This makes it possible to guarantee a constant high quality of hides, concentrating on cow-, bull hides and calf skins.

De Leeuw’s hides are characterized by high-quality red and white and black and white hides. They are looking for new employees. Preferably strong men for working in  factory, the skins are already prepared, they just need to move the skins and add salt (to preserve the material).

Candidates might be asked to do simple construction jobs around the building. As this is an offer with a family company, employees are asked to be flexible to do all the tasks that are needed to ensure production, depending on the needs.

First 2 weeks you will work on salary € 10,47 per hour, after 2 weeks your salary will raise to € 11,39 bruto/h. 

Salary in night shift is= 10,47€ x 144%=13,06€ euro per hour , overtime= 10,45x 144%=15, 05€

The workplace can have smell and also you might see dried blood in the process. You need to be able to withstand these conditions on a daily basis.  And ready to be on your feet standing all day.

This is a long term work offer for serious, motivated employees. There are 2 shifts, night and day, Monday thru Friday. The temperature inside the factory is 15 degrees celsius



10,47€ day shift;
night shift 125%= 13,09€



  • Experience in the field is a plus,agricultural background may also be accepted.
  • Physically strong, ready for lifting and hard demanding work
  • Ready to work with animal skins and salt
  • Resistant to strong smells.
  • Capable to work in a 15 degree temperature during the day.
  • Availability to stay in the Netherlands Long term



Basic English skills (A2)