Job offers in the Netherlands

Robin currently offers 83 open positions in the Netherlands.

Looking for ways to make money abroad or dream of changing the environment and getting to know a new country? See what job offers you have in the Netherlands. Whether you are looking for a short-term or long-term job, want to leave alone or as a couple, on our page you will definitely find the most suitable job offer for you. Working in the Netherlands is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons by working and living in an international environment. Apply today and get a job offer with a place to live that meets your expectations right away.
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Job offers in the Netherlands

Robin cooperates with 20 employment agencies in the Netherlands and will help you choose the best agency and the most suitable job offer for you!

Different job offers in different Dutch cities

Interested in working in the Netherlands? Robin agency can offer exactly what you are looking for. We offer work both in the major cities of the Netherlands – Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven or Nijmegen, and in smaller towns – Veghel, Vurden or Schijndel.

Depending on your qualifications and expectations, you can choose a job in a variety of sectors. See what job offers we have in the Netherlands and submit your candidacy today.

Flexible warehouse and factory workers Tilburg; Waalwijk, Boxtel, Eindhoven, in Netherlands, from 9,72€ to 11,00€/hour

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Tilburg; Waalwijk, Boxtel, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Position is open for 1 dayAvailable positions: 2/4

Our partner agency T&S, is looking for flexible warehouse workers to work for various warehouses and factories in various cities in the Netherlands. The company  is looking for flexible candidates who can accommodate to different positions, to work at their partner factories and warehouses on demand.  If you are flexible with your workplace and looking for...

Warehouse worker Etten-Leur, in Netherlands, from 10,49€/hour

Etten-Leur, Netherlands
Position is open for 1 dayAvailable positions: 3/5

Our Dutch partner, with a longtime experience in logistics distribution, is currently looking for a warehouse worker for picker/packer work. Your main tasks will be: Check existing orders, by picking it up with a hand scanner, correctly processing of incoming and outgoing goods; Order picking with an English voice-picking system; Sort, (re)pack, label and pick...

Order picker (voice picking) Barendrecht, in Netherlands, from 10,55€/hour

Barendrecht, Netherlands
Position is open for 1 dayAvailable positions: 3/5

Our new partners from the Netherlands are looking for order pickers. Work is in a large supermarket Logistics Center. Warehouse workers might also be asked to drive an EPT or a Forklift. You main tasks will be: Voice picking: all commands you will hear through a headset, with an English voice-pick system; Order Picker: collecting...

Greenhouse and field worker Boskoop, in Netherlands, from 10,20€/hour

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Boskoop, Netherlands
Position is open for 1 dayAvailable positions: 3/4

Until restrictions are changed all people arriving from outside the Netherlands will be provided quarantine accommodation by Opus agency for up to 10 days. Accommodation costs are paid by the agency, you only need to bring enough food supplies with you.  Our partner the Opus agency is cooperating with Dutch agriculture companies and plant distribution centers in...

Order Picker/EPT driver (food freezer) Waalwijk, in Netherlands, from 11,46€/hour

Waalwijk, Netherlands
Position is open for 1 dayAvailable positions: 2/2

SPAR is one of the largest food retailers in the Netherlands. As a result of the high season, the company is recruiting order pickers/EPT drivers to work in the Fresh, Freezer and KW Departments. An Order picker/EPT driver is responsible for the following tasks: Collect food products from the department it is assigned; Order picking, using...

Reach truck driver (fresh products) Barendrech, in Netherlands, from 11,43€/hour

Barendrech, Netherlands
Position is open for 1 dayAvailable positions: 2/2

Greenery is a dutch modern Logistic center, where fresh fruits and vegetables are stored, with an automated logistical infrastructure, making it possible for products to arrive from the producer to the shop shelves in a faster way. The company is currently searching for an experienced Reach Truck operator, capable of (un)loading and moving containers around...