Robin currently offers 22 jobs in different factories.

Are you interested in working abroad in factories? Robin can offer skilled and unskilled work in various factories in the Netherlands and Germany. See what job offers we have right now.

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Work abroad in factories

Interested in working abroad in a factory? Are you looking for a job that matches your qualifications and work experience? Robin will then help you find the most suitable job in manufacturing in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium.

If you would like to get acquainted with the production process, be a part of it and ensure a smooth production process, then you would like to work in a factory. You often don’t need experience to work in a factory, but if you have technical knowledge or have worked as a production line operator or installer, this is a big advantage. Such experience would help you get a better job position and a higher salary. Take a look at our job offers in the factories and choose the one that suits you best.

Advantages of working in a factory

Why work in a factory abroad? In addition to the fact that working in a factory guarantees good pay, there are other important advantages of this work.

Working in a factory abroad, such as working in factories in the Netherlands, is a great opportunity to work in an international environment where your co-workers will be employees from around the world. Workers from America, Iran and Russia can often be met in Dutch factories. Your colleagues will also be Germans, Poles and Lithuanians. For this reason, the local language in the major Dutch factories is gradually being replaced by English that everyone understands.

Another advantage of working in factories is that they allow employees to pursue a career. If you show your employer that you are motivated and learn quickly, chances are you will be offered a higher position after a while. Robin knows many success stories about how employees who started in a simple position became managers.

Would you like to work in an international team and make a career? Then working in a factory abroad is just for you.

Send your candidacy to the job you like in the factory and get a job offer with a place to live for a week.

Production worker (laundry) Elsloo, in Netherlands, from 10,91€ to 11,21€/hour

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Nedlin Healthcare B.V.
Elsloo, Netherlands
Position is open for 10 hoursAvailable positions: 3/5

Our partners in the Netherlands Nedlin Healthcare B.V. a sustainable laundry company, are looking for production employees for various departments. Within this company, the laundry is washed, dried, and folded by machines. However, they do need help with that!  Your daily tasks as production employees will include: Ensures that the laundry is checked for parts that do not...

Factory worker (wooden doors) Groesbeek, in Netherlands, from 12,45€/hour

Groesbeek, Netherlands
Position is open for 10 hoursAvailable positions: 2/2

Kegro Deuren has been the door manufacturer and market leader in solid wood exterior and indoor doors for new construction, renovation projects in the Netherlands. The company is currently searching for wooden door production workers. Your main activities are: Assemble doors and its parts, in an independent and accurate way, while performing quality checks during the...

Kitchen surface preparer 's-Heerenberg, in Netherlands, from 13,32€/hour

Topline Maatwerkbladen
's-Heerenberg, Netherlands
Position is open for 10 hoursAvailable positions: 3/3

Topline provides stone and special custom made kitchen surfaces (top parts of kitchen appliances). The company is currently looking for handy worker, flexible to perform all-round tasks to prepare the kitchen surface. Do you consider yourself as a handy person, capable of multitasking and used to work with tools? Your main activities are: cut the...

Meat packer Haarlem, in Netherlands, from 10,91€/hour

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Danish Crown
Haarlem, Netherlands
Position is open for 10 hoursAvailable positions: 5/5

Are you currently located in the Netherlands for at least 10 days? Danish Crown, that recently acquired Dutch bacon manufacturer Zandbergen, is a factory that produces a range of products such as sliced, diced and pre-cooked bacon to retailers, wholesalers, hotels and other food service outlets in Europe. The company is looking for production workers,...

Production worker (bakery) Oldenzaal, in Netherlands, from 10,95€ to 10,95€/hour

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Oldenzaal, Netherlands
Position is open for 4 daysAvailable positions: 8/15

Our partners in the Netherlands Europastry is one of the well-known pastry producers around Europe and they are currently looking for production workers to join their amazing team! People everywhere love the donuts and croissants made by Europastry. The taste and quality are top-notch! They are flying out the door by the millions. To supermarkets,...

Production worker 's-Hertogenbosch, in Netherlands, from 11,96€/hour

's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Position is open for 5 daysAvailable positions: 1/2

Since its incorporation in 1975, SPS bv has developed into one of the leading producers and suppliers of paint systems, wall paints and decorative plasters. With more than 40 years of experience in this sector, the company supplies its products to the professional market for painters and decorators, the professional market for plasterers, the DIY...