Robin currently has 3 a vacancy in agriculture.

If you are looking for a job in agriculture abroad, Robin has various job offers for you aboard.

The agricultural sector in the Netherlands is highly developed and modern. Robin offers a variety of job positions in the sector and can employ you both on livestock farms as a cow milker or pig farm worker, and in greenhouses or fields.

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Work in the agricultural sector abroad

If you are physically strong and active and interested in working in the agricultural sector abroad, then Robin has great offers for you. Although working in agriculture is difficult, working in this sector in the Netherlands will give you a great opportunity to get acquainted with the most modern and automated farms in the world. The experience you gain will be invaluable and will be useful when working on farms in any other country. And whether you pick peppers and tomatoes in greenhouses or flowers and strawberries in the fields, you will have the opportunity to be part of a well-organized and efficient process.

So if you love plants or working with animals and are not afraid of exercise, then working in the agricultural sector abroad is just for you. Apply for job positions on Dutch farms and get a job in one of the most developed agricultural sectors right away!

Agriculture workers (5 week project) Panningen, in Netherlands, from 10,24€/hour

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Panningen, Netherlands
Position is open for 14 hoursAvailable positions: 2/10

Fortaplant our client in the Netherlands specializes in the cultivation of warm young vegetable plants. They also grow floriculture products for European chain stores. Work at Fortaplant will be for 5 weeks, than agency will move  employees to chicken production factory Plukon Ommel to meat packing job.  They are looking for greenhouse workers to work...

Pepper factory worker Millingen, in Netherlands, from 11,90€/hour

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Millingen, Netherlands
Position is open for 2 daysAvailable positions: 1/2

Family owned company is looking for long-term production workers. Company is supplying food for the Horeca (hotels, restaurants, cafeterias).  Oliva is specialised in stuffed and marinated olives, Cheese filled Sweet Chilli peppers, oils, cheeses, Dolma’s, artichokes and other Mediterranean specialties. Production is shipped to markets around the world. As a food factory worker you will start...

Greenhouse and field worker Boskoop, in Netherlands, from 10,20€/hour

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Boskoop, Netherlands
Position is open for 17 daysAvailable positions: 11/20

Until restrictions are changed all people arriving from outside the Netherlands will be provided quarantine accommodation by Opus agency for up to 10 days. Accommodation costs are paid by the agency, you only need to bring enough food supplies with you.  Our partner the Opus agency is cooperating with Dutch agriculture companies and plant distribution centers in...

Job ads abroad

Garden worker Beveren, Belgium, in Belgium, from 13,50€/hour

Beveren, Belgium, Belgium
Position is open for 20 daysAvailable positions: 2/2

 Our partner in Belgium Alcea specializes in Landscapes, landscaping works, garden carpentry (gazeboes). City gardens, indoors and outdoor, ornamental ponds, gardens and swimming ponds are some of the work that Alcea accomplishes. If you have experience working different garden tasks outdoors this is the job for you!  Your tasks in Alcea working as a garden...

Tomatoes greenhouse worker (in NL) Steenbergen , in Netherlands, from 10,21€/hour

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Tomato greenhouse
Steenbergen , Netherlands
Position is open for 37 daysAvailable positions: 2/2

Our Dutch partner, KBB, a farming company, located in the Netherlands South Region, is currently hiring tomato baggers “zakken”. As a tomatoes greenhouse worker,  flexible work will be requested to you, as a variety of tasks might appear during the entire season in the tomato greenhouse. You will be mostly responsible for bagging the tomato...