Robin currently has 42 open positions in logistics abroad.

Are you looking for a job in logistics abroad? Then Robin is just the agency that can help you get a job quickly. Since 2007, Robin has employed more than 9,000 logistics workers abroad. We offer a variety of jobs in logistics centers and warehouses in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. See what job offers we have right now.

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Job offers abroad in the field of logistics

If you are learning fast and you like a well-organized work environment, then working abroad as an order collector would be great for you. Many order collectors work with an electric pallet truck in warehouses and collect goods using a hand-held scanner or voice when information is presented to collectors by voice through headphones. You do not need to have similar work experience to work as an order collector. If you think you would like such a job, check out our job offers.

Logistics center / warehouse employee

Are you active and do you like working in a team? Then you would love working in warehouses in the Netherlands. As a warehouse worker, together with your colleagues, you will be responsible for receiving, distributing, warehousing and handling the goods. Can you work quickly and neatly? Then you will really enjoy working in the logistics center, because here the work needs to be done quickly and thoroughly.

Electric forklift driver abroad

Do you have the rights of an electric forklift and do you like working in logistics centers? Don’t miss the opportunity to work as a loader driver abroad. Your salary will be higher than that of the order collector.

Many long-term order pickers in the Netherlands have the option provided by their employer to retain the rights to an electric forklift.

So if you are interested in working as a truck driver in the Netherlands, register on our website and get a job offer in a short time.

Reach truck driver

If you are hardworking and have experience driving a high lift truck, Robin can offer you a high lift truck driver job in the Netherlands or Germany. As a truck driver, you will need to load and unload pallets of goods from the trucks and distribute and store them in warehouses. To work this job abroad, you must have a valid high lift truck certificate. In case you do not have such a certificate, but you have work experience driving a reach truck, your future employer will arrange for you to obtain a certificate.

Become a truck driver abroad

Do you have a CE category driving license, do you like to be on the road and visit different places abroad and would you be interested in working as a category C driver abroad? Then you should enjoy working as a truck driver in Germany or Belgium. You will represent your employer’s company in delivering goods and interacting with customers. On our page you can find various job offers for truck drivers abroad.

If you like working in logistics centers and warehouses, see what job offers we have in the field of logistics!

Supermarkets Replenisher Maastricht, in Netherlands

Our partner Eurojob BV is a Dutch international recruitment and employment agency. With more than a thousand employees. Read more

Salary: from 12,22€/h
star4/5 (1 reviews)
Maastricht, Netherlands
Available positions: 4/4
Position is open for: 1 day

Order Picker with EPT experience (cold environment) Nijmegen, in Netherlands

Our partner Chefs Culinar has been active in the Netherlands since 2011. The company offers the total package for a professional kitchen. Read more

Salary: from 12,90€/h
star_border0/5 (0 reviews)
Chefs Culinair
Nijmegen, Netherlands
Available positions: 1/1
Position is open for: 1 day

Warehouse worker (with VOG) , in Netherlands

We have job vacancies available at the warehouse from Jumbo supermarket. This is a new department for a system where people can order food and goods online. Read more

Salary: from 13,56€/h
star4.5/5 (22 reviews)
, Netherlands
Available positions: 11/15
Position is open for: 2 days
Couples accepted

Order picker (with VOG) Oosterhout, in Netherlands

GXO – XPO warehouses in Eindhoven is a logistics warehouse that works with many customers. The company has departments and halls such as clothing (e. Read more

Salary: from 12,99€/h
star3.3/5 (9 reviews)
XPO logistic
Oosterhout, Netherlands
Available positions: 1/5
Position is open for: 2 days
Couples accepted

Order picker (voice picking) (fresh) Son, in Netherlands

Lekkerland Nederland B. V. Read more

Salary: from 12,05€/h
star4/5 (6 reviews)
Lekkerland Nederland B.V.
Son, Netherlands
Available positions: 10/13
Position is open for: 2 days

Warehouse worker with experience (online interview) Hapert, in Netherlands

Our partner in the Netherlands is looking for a warehouse worker with experience to join their team! The Schippers stands for a world where livestock farming drastically reduces the use of antibiotics to combat Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). In this position, you’ll work in a big and neat warehouse with livestock farming. Read more

Salary: from 13,00€/h
star3.7/5 (3 reviews)
The Schippers
Hapert, Netherlands
Available positions: 2/2
Position is open for: 2 days