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Fashion warehouse worker (Germany) Munich, in Germany

Position is open for 18 daysAvailable positions: 5/5Salary: from 10.45€/h

Job description

Top Personal is working with a large 20 000 square meter online shop warehouse in the area of Munich, employing order pickers for a large fashion logistics center. If you like to move, want to work with clothes and accessories and be a part of a big team, this is a job for you! 

Online shopping orders are processed and prepared in this fashion logistics center, you will work with clothes and accessories. The warehouse has several parts of work: 

  • Inbound: incoming production, that needs to be stored in the right places of the warehouse;
  • Order picking: preparing orders with a hand scanner. Hand scanner shows you where to walk and a photo of the product to help you work faster;
  • Outbound: preparing orders for shipping, labeling, putting stickers, boxing the items, etc. 

Work is in 2 shifts: early shift and late shift. You are planned in shifts weekly, one week you work early shift, one-week late shift. In high peak season, part of the people are also working night shifts, but they are not available for everyone. Working nights is paid 25% extra tax-free. Overtime is also possible. Overtime hours are collected at the end of the month, you can use these hours for extra holidays or receive this as extra payment upon request. 

Hour rate starts at € 10,45/hour gross
The second month goes up to 
€ 12,15/hour gross
From the third month, and until the end of the contract: € 13,85/hour gross

Monthly you have 170 hours guaranteed. 

On average people work 170-175 hours per month. This is a long-term opportunity, candidates who perform well will have the chance to work all year round



  • Ready to work in a large warehouse, walking all day;
  • Physically endurant to move all day;
  • Motivated to work in Germany long term (at least 6-9 months);
  • Able to follow safety rules of the warehouse;
  • You need to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 (this is 14 days after the second dose) and have a valid certificate



English level: capable of understanding basic instructions (A1)