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We believe that working (temporarily) abroad enriches your life. That is why we do this ourselves now or have done so in the past. We know what it’s like. We know the bumps and uncertainties, but we see what it has ultimately brought us and recommend it to everyone.

Everyone should be able to work abroad for a while. It’s an opportunity for a unique experience that takes you further in life, materially and immaterially. We are honored to offer this opportunity to others. We do everything we can to make sure that your start abroad is top-notch so that you, too, can say:

‘Working from home? With Robin? I can recommend it to everyone.’


Robin strives for a world with equal labor opportunities with the goal of improving the life of 7.000 heroes a year by 2025


Facilitate borderless recruitment


Join our team to become one of the sidekicks that helps our heroes find a life abroad. By providing Personal attention so we can connect as humans while communicating remotely. Working Clean, looking for the most efficient direction by not over-complicating things, while being in a team that is Driven. We work hard on continuous improvement. Being Complete, life is more than work, but work can give you a sense of purpose. We Trust and treat you as an equal. We’re there for you when you need us.

We believe in the work we do, why we do it, and who we hire to get it done. If you believe in achieving more, explore a career with Robin.

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