Why Work With Recruiters to Get a Job Through Robin

Why Work With Recruiters to Get a Job Through Robin

Finding a legal job in the Netherlands on your own can be quite a challenge. The job search process is quite complicated for foreigners, but with the help of a recruitment agency, you can easily land a job abroad and move in just a few weeks.

In this article, we will show you how to work with recruiters on Robin and what guarantees we provide to every candidate, as well as what the benefits of a job search through Robin are.

Let’s get right to it.

5 Guarantees You Get From Robin

Working with a recruiter is always better when you’re looking for a job abroad. Experienced recruitment agencies such as Robin already have established processes to help job seekers find a job abroad and start working in a matter of weeks.

Here are five guarantees you get when you look for a job through Robin:

A Lot of Job Opportunities

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Robin works with top employment agencies in the Netherlands that are always on the lookout for talented workers in different industries.

We have a large number of job openings throughout the year, and to get started, all you need to do is register and begin your job search.

How Robin Differs From Other Recruiters

Because we have a large number of jobs, we can help you find the right job for you! We don’t try to fill positions; we try to find you a job that fits your needs and wishes. Our system uses data collected from past matches to determine which jobs you would be most suitable for and immediately forwards you the best offers. 

Cool, isn’t it?

If we can’t find anything that suits you at the moment, just be patient because our recruiters always send job offers! 

However, we also encourage you to stay active, look at our job board, and see if any job offer would suit you. Don’t hesitate to approach your recruiter, especially if you think that you are the right candidate for the job or if you find your dream role!

Contract Work

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One of the things you will not have to worry about is signing your contract with your employer.

Although it is not a recruiter’s job to be in charge of contracts, we can answer all of your questions about signing a contract and make the job search process easier for you.

What you should know at this point is that you will sign a contract for all job openings on Robin.

This means that your taxes will be paid in the Netherlands, and you will have all the social security benefits. Contracts differ slightly from one agency to another. They depend on your work history. For example, if you’ve never worked abroad before, you will sign a Fase A contract, but we wrote all about it here. Also, the agency’s hiring managers may send you an online contract to sign, but it is more common practise to sign the deal once you arrive.

Our recruiters find open positions and send you the job titles along with the job description and other details. Please carefully review what you receive from our internal recruiter and prepare the questions if you have any, or visit our blog for more detailed analysis on some of the common questions job candidates have.

Simple Application Process

At Robin, we’ve made the hiring process as simple as possible. You get access to all the positions available on Robin, and when you register, there are a few ways to land a job. Apply for the jobs you have the right skills for, and our recruiters will contact you quickly.

On the other hand, our Robin platform is created in a way to match your skills and preferences to the jobs we have based on previous job prospects and the success people have had working abroad. In addition, our recruiters work actively to find you positions that are suitable for you.

At no point are you working with external recruiters who aren’t a part of Robin. Also, you will be working with a recruiter from your own country, so you don’t have to worry about your knowledge of Dutch or English at this point.

All job seekers will go through an interview, and when you land a job, you’ll need to organise your transport to the Netherlands, but everything else will be taken care of.

Lastly, the internal recruiter you worked with will stay in touch with you even after you check in for work. We want to ensure that everything goes well and that you are satisfied with your job.

Affordable Accommodation and Transportation

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Everyone who goes to work in the Netherlands with Robin’s help receives accommodation. An employment agency is in charge of securing a home for you to live in.

Many recruitment agencies in the Netherlands try to accommodate people coming from the same country together. Other agencies try to accommodate people of different nationalities together so that you can gain experience and feel like you are abroad.

SNF Accommodation

Robin only works with agencies that offer SNF-licensed accommodations. This licence guarantees minimum conditions for living. Be prepared to pay around €100 per week for accommodation, which is significantly cheaper compared to what you can find by yourself. If you don’t like the accommodation, you can talk to the agency, and they will try to find another place for you.

In addition, you will not have to worry about transportation either.

If the distance to the workplace is less than 10 kilometres, you’ll most likely get a bicycle, but if it is more, they’ll either pay your bus tickets or provide a car to a group of workers.

Keep in mind that you can’t use company cars for personal purposes without paying additional taxes to the Dutch government.

Assistance Throughout the Process

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Many recruiters finish the process of job searching when you start working. However, this isn’t the case with Robin. Unlike other staffing agencies, we’re here for you from start to finish.

When potential problems arise and you want to change positions because you don’t like the company culture, because you’ve found your dream company in the meantime, or because something happened, you can expect recruiters from Robin to step up and help you. We can talk to the hiring manager and see what they can do to further help you blend in.

Not only do we assist you in achieving your career goals, but we’re also helping you find the ideal job and be happy abroad! Our goal is to provide you with job openings that will help you build a better life.

Therefore, even after your first contract ends, you can look for the next position on Robin (it gets easier every time). Keep working with recruiters to help you in your job search.

Be Proactive

Also, read our blog to receive job tips and career advice and learn more about living and working abroad. It is a great resource for you when you are looking for a job in a specific industry in the Netherlands, Germany, or Belgium.

Although our recruiters are always on the lookout to find candidates, we’re always here to answer your questions and do everything for you! This is our preferred method of doing the work, and that’s why we have the reputation of being a good agency that puts candidates first.

Benefits of Finding a Job Abroad With Robin

Now that you know what we guarantee you, you can still think that finding a job by yourself is better. Working with a recruiter has a lot of benefits, though, so let’s check them out.

You Don’t Have to Go Through the Job Search Alone

Although we don’t provide any direct career advice, most recruiters will be here for you and actively help you find a new job!

The entire process of finding work in another state is complicated enough, but with the right recruiter, all you need to focus on is your new position and arriving in the Netherlands, Belgium, or Germany. Working with a recruiter is mutually beneficial for you and the recruitment agency.

You get a chance to progress in your career by working internationally, while we fulfil our vision of creating a world with equal labour opportunities with the goal of improving the lives of 7000 heroes per year by 2025

Security and Peace of Mind

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Having a good recruiter by your side throughout the entire process helps you reduce stress and provides security and peace of mind to all candidates who go through Robin.

Our recruiters work to find you the best possible future opportunities abroad! We’ll send you any job title we believe is a potential earning opportunity for you and contact potential employers when you finish the interview stage. Although you will need to update some documents, you don’t have to worry about paperwork, contracts, accommodations, transportation, or other things associated with your employment.

Our internal recruiters handle everything for you, making the process smooth and efficient. You don’t have to look for external recruiters to help you because our company has active recruiters in 12 EU countries that have been helping clients fulfil their job search goals for over 16 years.

Recruitment is Free

Our recruitment agency allows everyone from the EU to register and look for a job through Robin. You don’t pay for our services – we earn money from employment agencies for finding them skilled workers. Therefore, your expenses will be minimal and limited to travelling to the Netherlands and settling in.

Once you start paying for accommodation, you’ll already be working, so you’ll only need some money for the first few weeks. Working with recruiters will not cost you a fortune!

Job Seekers Have High Chances of Employment

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With the help of our internal recruiter, you increase your chances of finding a job significantly. We are already connected with agencies abroad, and we only send legitimate offers. Although finding a job depends on your skills and the demand on the market, it is much easier to have the help of a skilled recruiter.

To further improve your chances of getting a job abroad, you need to be flexible and take advantage of the opportunities offered by our recruiters. A great outcome is inevitable when you’re open to cooperation and willing to move on short notice.

5 Tips for Navigating the Job Search Process With Robin

To get started on Robin, all you need to do is register, upload your CV, and apply to our positions. However, there are a lot of things you can do to make this process easier for you and further increase your chances of finding work.

Optimise Your CV

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CVs are still the easiest way for our recruiters to check your skills and preferences. Having a fully-updated and easy-to-read resume will increase your chances of getting a job. The CV is what presents you, and you want to make sure you showcase your strengths.

Our Robin recruiters will help you compose your resume and prepare all the necessary details. Before we send the CV to the employers, we’ll let you know if there’s something that you should add or change. 

Communicate Expectations and Preferences

Feel free to communicate with our recruiters regarding your expectations and preferences! What’s your annual salary expectation? Are you struggling to find a job opening that you like? What do you envision for your career when you start working abroad? What’s the face value you’re looking for?

Our recruiters will gladly answer your questions and tell you what’s possible and what’s not worth pursuing. Also, our recruiters will have a better understanding of your expectations, which will help you find a job that you’ll love.

Stay Flexible

The key to finding a job abroad is to be flexible and actively look at job boards for any news and updates. If this is your first time working with a recruiter and working abroad, you will do better if you remain open to multiple positions.

Perhaps you won’t land your dream job from the get-go, but the next time you want to work abroad, it becomes a lot easier. The agency already knows you, and they’ll be more than willing to have you back. Also, at that point, you’ve already worked abroad, and previous experience at similar companies counts a lot.

You are familiar with the country, the work culture, and the process, reducing the chances of quitting or not showing up.

For example, if you’re looking for work with a partner at the same company, perhaps it is better for you and your partner to be open about the idea of finding separate jobs first. There are more opportunities, and you are more likely to get hired.

Learn English or Dutch

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As you wait for our recruiters to get in touch with you, work on your language skills. Knowing English or Dutch at a conversational level will make your overall experience much more enjoyable. Also, Dutch employers appreciate people who speak the language and will give them an advantage.

Follow Up With Recruiters

Don’t hesitate to follow up with recruiters and send them thank you notes after interviews. Our internal recruiters can be really busy, especially in the summer, but if you don’t hear from them after submitting an application, don’t hesitate to contact them and see what’s going on.

When you receive an offer from recruiters, be respectful of their time and promptly inform them of your decision so that they know if you’re interested or if they should look for other candidates.

FAQs About Working With Robin Recruiters

With What Types of Agencies Does Robin Work?

All agencies Robin cooperates with are operating in the international recruitment market and have at least 10 years of experience in this market. These agencies have proven to be successful in providing work with accommodation for candidates who have used Robin’s services in the past.

How Do We Earn Money?

‘If Robin doesn’t charge anything to jobseekers for the help of getting a job with accommodation abroad, how do they make money’ you might wonder. The answer is that the employment agency abroad is paying for our services to find the right candidate.

Where Does the Name Robin Come From?

Robin is a familiar name for those of you who like stories and action heroes. Robin is a helping hand for people. Making sure that job seekers get the support they need at the moment is crucial. Robin creates trust, communicates openly and clearly to people, and you’ll know what to expect. Robin offers more than work abroad.

Final Words

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As you can see, working with recruiters has multiple benefits. First of all, Robin can guarantee you multiple things that are essential for working abroad. Secondly, our recruiters will send you the new job opening as it appears, but only the one that matches your skills and preferences.

Thirdly, our recruiters will assist you with job applications, making sure that you submit all the necessary documents and doing everything we can to increase your chances of getting a job. There’s no need for you to look for external recruiters because a company such as Robin has the experience and reputation necessary to help you make the right step in your career.

Ready to get started? Look for the positions on our website and register to apply! One of the recruiters from your country will reach out to you and help you with your job search. Prepare your CV to position yourself better and convey your expectations.

Finding a job through Robin has never been easier! Experience what it is like to work abroad. 


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