Working abroad without intermediaries: 7 reasons why it’s BETTER to use a recruitment agency

Working abroad without intermediaries: 7 reasons why it’s BETTER to use a recruitment agency

Considering getting a job in the Netherlands directly, without the help of a recruitment agency? We recommend using an employment agency for the following 7 reasons.

Finding a legal job in the Netherlands on your own can be quite a challenge. There are several factors to consider to get a good job in this country. Based on 13 years of experience and the feedback of 16 000 people who have gone to work in the Netherlands through Robin, we have compiled a list of 7 reasons to go to the Netherlands with the help of an intermediary agency:

1. We will only offer you a job in Dutch agencies that meet your expectations

With an intermediary agency, you don’t have to search for a job and send your application to Dutch recruitment agencies yourself. Robin works with more than 25 temporary employment agencies that offer a wide range of working and living conditions for their employees.

When you go to work through a recruitment agency, you will be guaranteed that the Dutch recruitment agency:

  • Conducts legal activities in accordance with the standards set by the Dutch government
  • Arranges your accommodation in the Netherlands
  • Arrange transport to and from the workplace
  • Take care of all the necessary documents, i.e. your social security number, employment contract, insurance policy and register you with the local municipality

The intermediary agency will work with you to find the recruitment agency in the Netherlands that best suits your expectations. Only those agencies that meet at least the minimum standards in terms of work and residence will be offered to you.

2. We will help you choose the best job offer

During the interview with the recruiter, tell him/her about your preferences and expectations for the future job. Based on your preferences, the recruiter will make you a personalized job offer. It is then up to you to choose the job that suits you best. We have many job offers in the Netherlands, so it is very likely that we will offer you the most suitable one

Vytautas Cepukenas
Vytautas Cepukenas
“Very nice people. We came to the agency with our requirements and they found the right option for us, just as we wanted. We had to wait for a job, but that was not Robin's fault at all, because we wanted a very special position.”

3. Your candidacy will be offered to the employer in a way that is attractive and convenient for the employer

Once you have received a job offer that best suits your preferences, Robin will create an attractive job description and interview with you that meets Dutch standards. This description, together with your CV, will be delivered to the recruitment agency in the Netherlands.

Once your application has been presented to the employer, Robin will then help you to collect all the documents that are necessary for the Dutch agency to prepare your employment contract. Your candidacy will be offered to the employer in an attractive and convenient way

Donatas Vais
Donatas Vais
“Robin did everything for me promptly, contacted the local Dutch agency, arranged all the necessary paperwork and gave me the contact number of the carriers. So I didn't have to worry about anything and everything went smoothly.”

As we have experience of working for Dutch agencies ourselves, we know exactly what is most important when going to work in the Netherlands.

4. Together we will plan your trip to the Netherlands

Once you have been offered a job that suits your needs and have signed a contract guaranteeing you a job and a place to live in the Netherlands, we will work with you to plan your trip to the Netherlands. Please remember that you will have to cover your own travel costs.

Once you have chosen the most convenient way to travel to the Netherlands and your departure date, we will inform the recruitment agency in the Netherlands of your arrival. The Dutch agency will arrange for a member of staff from the agency to meet you on the day of your arrival.

5. After your departure, a Robin employee will keep in touch with you

In the first few months of your stay in the Netherlands, you will experience a lot of new changes. We do our best to provide you with relevant and comprehensive information about working and living in the Netherlands, but some circumstances and situations may be different from what was discussed during your interview with a Robin employee. However, we will not leave you in the lurch and will always be there to help or advise.

Arturs Tihomirovs
Arturs Tihomirovs
I am grateful to have a job and a roof over my head. I can say that Robin cares about how the worker is adapting to the country. I am satisfied with everything. If I ever need help, Robin always helps me.

6. The recruitment service is free

Robin’s recruitment services have been free of charge since the beginning. In fact, we are surprised that in 2021 some recruitment agencies are still charging recruitment or recruitment-related services to people looking for work abroad. In our view, these services should be free.

How do we earn without charging any recruitment tax?

The recruitment services provided by Robin are paid for by recruitment agencies in the Netherlands. As recruitment is our agency’s core business, we can guarantee a high quality and fast service to agencies in the Netherlands that do not usually recruit temporary workers themselves. The Dutch agencies delegate this task to intermediary agencies and allocate a budget for it.

7. You will earn more by using an intermediary agency!

The fee paid by the Dutch recruitment agencies to the intermediary agency has no impact on your salary. In fact, the opposite is true: almost all workers recruited through a Robin agency benefit from an additional tax allowance of around €15 per week. To qualify for this benefit, Robin sends confirmation to the recruitment agency in the Netherlands that you have a residential address in another country. By declaring to the Dutch tax office that you have a residential address in another country, we are showing that you are incurring double costs for your residential address in the Netherlands and your own country. This benefit does not apply to workers who are employed by a Dutch agency without the help of intermediaries.


In terms of taxes paid, this is not only beneficial for the person looking for a job in the Netherlands, but also for the local recruitment agency. So we can say that the Dutch government is indirectly paying for your recruitment. Thank you, King Willem Alexander 😉


Not sure if working abroad without intermediaries, for example in the Netherlands, is a good option? There are a number of reasons why you should use an intermediary agency to find a job in the Netherlands. As Robin works with many agencies in this country, we can offer you a job with an agency that will provide you with a job and a place to live that suits your needs.

We will not only offer you a recruitment agency that meets your needs, but also a job offer that meets your expectations. Robin has around 200 different job offers, so if we know your expectations, we’ll offer you the job that we think best suits them. The feedback we get from people who have moved to the Netherlands helps us to find the best job for you.

Once you have submitted a job offer that best suits you, Robin will offer your candidature to a Dutch recruitment agency in an attractive and convenient way that meets Dutch standards. In this way, the Dutch recruiter will be sure that you are the right candidate for the position they are offering.

Once your application has been accepted, we will help you to prepare all the documents needed to sign the recruitment contract and plan your trip to the Netherlands with you. Robin does not charge any recruitment fees and, with our job placement service, your salary will be slightly higher than that of workers who are employed directly.


Employment without intermediariesEmployment with the help of an intermediary agency
Employment with the help of an intermediary agency10-20200+
Agencies to choose from1-220+
Feedback1 - 2 people2000 companies
SalaryUnder a collective agreementUnder a collective agreement
employment feeThere is nonethere is none
Nomination proposalEl. letter + CVJob interview summary in excellent English, assessment of your skills + CV
Travel planningDocument printing, scanning, filling, signing, sending by e-mailPossibility to download documents by phone, signing documents via SMS
Guarantees before leaving for the NetherlandsThere are noneGuaranteed work with residence
Guarantees before leaving for the NetherlandsThere are noneHelp is provided and finding the best solution with you
Tax relief for double the cost of residenceNoneat 15 euros per week
Nuno Melo
Nuno Melo
I got what was promised. Quickly and efficiently. Just follow the instructions. Thank you.

FAQ Working abroad without intermediaries: why use an intermediary agency to find a job in the Netherlands

Will I get a pay rise if I go out on my own?

No, because every employer in the Netherlands has to comply with at least the minimum conditions and pay the same wage to all employees, based on the collective agreement in force in their sector of activity. In addition, if you go to work in the Netherlands through a Lithuanian intermediary agency, you can benefit from a tax credit of €15 per week. So you will earn more than self-employed workers if you work through an intermediary.


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