Water factory worker (with production experience) Tilburg, in Netherlands

Position is open for 112 daysAvailable positions: 1/1Salary: from 11.49€/h

Job description

Sodastream, located in the Netherlands, is searching for water factory workers, with prior and solid production experience. There are five different departments in this factory: VAL, Sorting, Filling, Quality and Logistics.
You will be responsible for the following tasks, as it may be required to rotate to other job functions within the same labor grade as directed by your supervisor:
  • Sorting – here, people are able to sort and fill cylinders with CO2;
  • Filling – continuing the process of the previous department, employees are requested to fill cylinders, containing CO2;
  • Quality – after the majority of the production part is done, products are tested and any defect must be reported to shift team-leaders. Workers are required to self-inspect their products to maintain quality and quantity standards;
  • Logistics – Orders are picked according to customers’s demands and production final reaches its final steps as EPT or Forklift operators move the packages towards shipping;
  • VAL   The assembled products are prepared and shipped for distribution.
Other duties can be assigned by their supervisor, such as:
  • Maintain and troubleshoot production flow per manufactures standards;
  • Perform preventative and corrective maintenance on all equipment;
  • Keep work area clean and orderly,  maintaining a proper care of equipment.
You should be ready to work in a regular two-shifts schedule, starting in the morning at 07:00am and in the afternoon at 15.30pm. Due to the new season demands, Sorting Department works, however, in 3 shifts, so you can expect to work also in night shift, in case you are scheduled to work in Sorting.
Workers are recommended  to wear earplugs due to the noise of the machines, in this factory.
Workers, with long-term employment perspectives and excellent performance, might have a direct contract with Soda Stream, once the temporary contract ends.


  • CV in English is required to apply for this job;
  • Experience in production;
  • Attention to detail coordination and resistance to manual repetitive tasks;
  • Physical Strength for some lifting tasks;
  • Flexibility towards overtime and shifts;
  • Ability to work as a team player;
  • Work performance in accordance with established safety procedures;
  • Availability to stay in the Netherlands for a long period of time (minimum 6 months).



Good English communication skills are mandatory (minimum B1 level)