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Warehouse worker (with VOG) Breda, in Netherlands

Position is open for 115 daysAvailable positions: 1/6Salary: from 13.56€/h

Job description

We have job vacancies available at the warehouse from Jumbo supermarket. This is a new department for a system where people can order food and goods online. The Jumbo company includes a network of Dutch hypermarket warehouses that deal with the supply of products. The range applies to food products with short and longer shelf life, e.g. drinks, sweets, canned goods, household chemicals, alcohol.

There are different possible locations depending on the agency’s needs: Den Bosch, Veghel, Woerden, and Bleiswijk.  There are two halls –  warm (+15 to +20C) and cold (+2 to +4 C). Employees should be prepared to work in a cold environment (fridge) if asked. 

Your tasks in this warehouse: 

  • Order picking with a hand scanner and checking the quality of the products.
  • Products weigh up to 10kg. Products like beverages, sweets, chemicals, and alcohol.
  • Preparing them for shipping delivery.

These 3 things are important from Jumbo’s perspective:

  • safety: following safety rules, driving safely on a truck
  • Quality: no mistakes, the right amount of Colli, container nicely arranged
  • Norm: achieving norm (different depending on the place)

You need to be flexible to work in shifts and during weekends. There is a 2-day paid training, The team member has 4 weeks to implement. Each week required progression.

Additionally to the salary per hour, you earn a weekly paid holiday allowance of 8.33% over your salary and there are allowances for late hours and weekend work.

Please note: If you live up to 10 km from work, you will need to ride a bicycle to work. If you live 15 – 20 km from work, you will get an e-bike (bicycle with an electric motor, faster). During high season, however, accommodations can be located far from the workplace (20-70 km). Transport for all employees is provided by the agency (bicycles/e-bikes or transit).



A holiday allowance of 8.33% of already been added to the hourly rate
Time window surcharge - standard hours sa 06:00-18:00 25.00 %
Time window surcharge - standard hours 18:00 22:00 35.00 %
Time window surcharge - standard hours ma-fr 00:-06: 50.00 %
Time window surcharge - standard hours ma-fr 22:-24: 50.00 %
Time window surcharge - standard hours sa 00:00-06:00 50.00 %
Time window surcharge - standard hours Sa 18:00-22:00 50.00 %
Time window surcharge - standard hours Sa 22:00-24:00 75.00 %
Time window surcharge - standard hours Su 100.00 %



  • CV in English needed to apply for this position;
  • VOG (Criminal Record Document) is a must;
  • Flexible to work at KW (15°C) and Fresh department (2-4 °C);
  • Flexible with schedules and worked hours, start at different times (between 03:00-14:00);
  • Physically healthy, because working in a warehouse with products up to 10kg;
  • Ready to do different logistic jobs;
  • Minimum required height: 155 cm;
  • No face or neck tattoos, or face piercings;
  • Available to stay in the Netherlands long term. 



Good English or Polish language skills is required.