Warehouse worker with experience (deep-freeze) Tilburg, in Netherlands

Position is open for 112 daysAvailable positions: 2/2Salary: from 10.93€/h

Job description

Our Dutch partner is looking for deep-freeze warehouse workers. Environment of work is in -24 degrees. You will be doing voice-picking with a headset. Every 2 hours you will have a paid break to warm up, aside from that warm working clothes will be provided. 

Additionally to hour wage you will be paid cold allowance and reaching daily quota you can also receive pickbonus. Overtime and working on weekends is possible and paid extra. 

The suitable candidate to work for XPO will have to:

  • Being able to work in a frozen environment of -24 degrees;
  • Physically fit, without any back problems to being able to do this work in a standing position all day; -Flexible person
  • Be flexible  flexible with work schedules and days(5 days spread over 6 days) and hours without exact ending time, work at various departments.
  • Able to work afternoon and night shifts.

Accommodation will be close to work and you will be given bicycle. This is important because the shifts can start and end at different times for all people. Work will be in afternoon shift, work is in 2 shifts or 3 shifts schedule. 

Due to a difficult environment to get used to, a special training will be provided by the company:

  • Week 1: New employee work 3 days
  • Week 2: New employee works 4 days
  • Week 3: From this week on new employee works a steady 5 days per week.

Hour wage is € 10,93, additionally to hour wage you will be paid cold allowance € 0,20/h, so total hour salary is € 11,13. Reaching daily quota you can also receive pickbonus from €0,40/h to €1,20/h. Overtime and working on weekends is possible and paid extra.  

Candidates applying for this vacancy will be interviewed on a video call (Whatsapp) directly with the company coordinator prior to their acceptance.

Full salary is paid every 4 weeks,  accommodation, insurance etc is deducted from it. Pre-payment is received after two weeks and it is 3 euros per worked hour. The salary is received the following week (on Friday, or Monday, depends on the bank). After the end of the month employees receive a “big payment”, with the rest of the payment they haven’t received yet.



Overtime:130% After 40 hours
Saturdays 150%
Sundays and Holidays 200 %
Pick Bonus:€0,40, €0,80 or €1,20 per hour;
depending on daily performance;
Cold allowance:fixed amount per month



  • A CV in English is required to apply for this job;
  • Physically strong and in good health
  • Experience working in freezers or cold temperature, 
  • Please watch the company video to understand the working conditions better;
  • Ready to work in deep-freeze - 24 degrees 8 hours a day (or more);
  • Motivated to do quality job, work fast and be a team player;
  • Able to ride bicycle to work;
  • Flexible for working shifts, overtime and working on weekends. 



Good (high) level of English B1