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Warehouse worker Zwolle/Almere/Oosterhout, in Netherlands, from 10,77€ to 12,57€/hour

Position is open for 1 dayAvailable positions: 6/6

Job description

Albert Heijn is one of the biggest distribution centers which delivers products to Albert Heijn supermarkets in Netherlands and Belgium. They have warehouses located in different cities all over the Netherlands: Geldermalsen, Pijnacker, Tilburg, Zaandam, Nieuwegein, Almere, Woerden, Nieuwegein, Zwolle, Amsterdam and others.

The company is known as a leader on the Netherlands market. They have got more than 1000 supermarkets in both countries.

Order pickers in this warehouse collect goods that are delivered to households. This is a new department an online supermarket warehouse – people make orders and the food/produce gets delivered to their homes.

Working at Albert Heijn your tasks may include:

  • Using voice pick system or scanner
  • Checking the quality of products and other warehouse activities
  • picking/packing orders and preparing them for shipping-deliver.

You should be prepared to work in a cold environment where the temperature is between 2ºC and 4ºC

You need to be flexible to work in shifts and during the weekends. Working days are from Monday till Sunday in 2 or 3 shifts, 5-6 days per week (38-45 hours/week)  Cold and warm halls. 

The company provides:

  • Coffee, tea, water, microwave, fridge available 24/7 (for free);
  • In the afternoon shifts – warm meals available (for free);

Please note: If you live up to 10 km from work, you will need to ride bicycle to work. If you live 15 – 20 km from work, you will get an e-bike (bicycle with electric motor, faster). During high season however accommodations can be located far from the workplace (20-70 km). Transport for all employees is provided by the agency (bicycles / e-bikes or transit).

Salary per age, including allowances:

18 years  5.85 EUR + 8.1% allowance = 6.32 EUR

19 Years 6.34 EUR + 8.1% allowance = 6.85 EUR

20 Years 7.97 EUR + 8.1% allowance = 8.62 EUR

21 Years 9.96 EUR + 8.1% allowance = 10.77 EUR

22 years 10.10 EUR + 11.04% allowance = 11.22 EUR

23 Years 11.63 EUR + 8.1% allowance = 12.57 EUR

Additionally you earn a weekly paid holiday allowance of 8.33% over your salary and there are allowances for late hours and weekend work.



  • Minimum required height: 165 cm
  • Flexible to work at KW (15°C) and Fresh department (2-4 °C);
  • Experience working in warehouse or storage;
  • Ready to do different logistic jobs;
  • Flexible with working hours and shifts;
  • VOG (Criminal Record Document) is a must;
  • to be ready to stay in the Netherlands at least 1 year.



Knowledge of the Dutch, English and/or Polish language