Warehouse worker (4 week project) , in Netherlands

Position is open for 45 daysAvailable positions: 3/3Salary: from /h

Job description

Our client in the Netherlands DHL is a global company that is delivering packages all over the world. In Beringe we have a supply chain location, at this location they are not delivering packages to houses but to companies and bigger customers. This 4 week project starts in week 16 and finish in week 19. After the project these people will be moved to other clients (DHL Tiel, Eindhoven or  other companies)

Some of the tasks that you will perform working for DHL may include:

  • Packing default warehouse tasks for packing;
  • Shipping and filling trucks with boxes manually;
  • Picking inbound and sorting packages;
  • Working with a hand scanner and a normal scanner (training will be received upon arrival). 

Employees will receive a safety vests and badge for entering the building as well as a time card. This is a temporary position for a 4 week project, candidates must be responsible, motivated and flexible with work schedules and tasks. Location of the job depends on the client’s needs. Salary is €10,77 plus shift allowance and holiday allowance, candidates will earn € 12,94 per hour/gross.

If accommodation is up to 10 km from work, you will need to ride bicycle to work. If you live 15 – 20 km from work, you will get an e-bike (bicycle with electric motor, faster). During high season however accommodations can be located far from the workplace (20-70 km). Transport for all employees is provided by the agency (bicycles / e-bikes or transit).



22 years old+: €10,77 €1,17 €0,99= €12,94
Extra allowances:
Monday-Friday18:00-24:00 30%.
Monday-Friday 0:00-6:00 30%.
Saturday 0:00-24:00 50%.
Sundays and national holidays 100%



  • A CV in english is needed to apply for this job;
  • Similar experience in logistics will be a plus;
  • Availability to work for a 4 week project;
  • Flexibility with working tasks and schedules;
  • Ability to work independently and as a team.



Advanced english level is needed B1 or B2.