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Warehouse worker (+3/+6 degrees C) Barendrecht, in Netherlands

Position is open for 7 daysAvailable positions: 4/8Salary: from 12.13€/h

Job description

Our partner Hollander Barendrecht is a logistics service provider for the storage and distribution of fresh and chilled products. They distribute to supermarkets throughout the Netherlands.  
The company is looking for warehouse workers to join its team! In one of the two departments – order picking and expedition! 
Your daily tasks will include: 
  • order picker: collecting/stacking supermarket products using an English voice-picking system (all commands hear through a headset);
  • expedition worker: preparing a shipment for distribution, which includes the arrangement and selection of order picking carts;
  • keep the area tidy and clean, pick up leftover packaging materials;
  • quality control of products, informing the shift manager of any product defects;
  • following safety instructions and regulations; 
  • other warehouse-related tasks.
It is a long-term, full-time job offer. Working days are from Monday to Saturday, in 2 weekly rotating shifts. Workers must be flexible to work on different shifts, including weekends, holidays, and overtime.

The temperature might vary within the warehouse depending on the locations where the products are stacked. Temperature is about +3°C degrees due to working with fresh products. The company will provide warm working clothes. 



Above 38 hours worked +35% on all hours.
06.00-19.00 normal hourly wage
19.00-23.00 +25%
23.00-06.00 +40%



  • Experience is a must- candidates who worked as order pickers for at least 6 months - 1 year
  • CV in English is needed to apply for this position; 
  • Ready to work in a cold warehouse, low temperature around +3 degrees all day;
  • Ready for a physical job, working on feet, lifting boxes;
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment;
  • Ready to work and live together with multiple nationalities; 
  • Good computer literacy, able to learn quickly; 
  • Ability to work independently and as a team;
  • Motivation to stay in the Netherlands long-term.



English level: B1