Roof thatcher assistant (trainee) Roosendaal, in Netherlands

Position is open for 110 daysAvailable positions: 2/2Salary: from 13.43€/h

Job description

Our client in the Netherlands is looking for an assistant thatcher. Installing thatched roofs is a traditional craft. Corné Daemen Rietdekkersbedrijf masters this profession to perfection. A thatched roof that has been laid by them is a roof that is guaranteed to be of the highest quality thatch. Very practical in times when the weather is getting more and more extreme. Their permanent deckers have years of experience. 

Candidates will start as assistants  with the easy part of the job, they will work on new roofs on houses but also cleaning and repairing old thatcher roofs.

Your tasks as a roof thatcher may include:

  • Work is outside and on the roof ( can not be afraid of heights).
  • If it starts to rain they cover up the roofs
  • Attached the materials to the outside of the roof
  • cleaning the work area
  • assisting their experienced 

They are looking for physically healthy and strong candidate  Working only during daylight so in the winter the days are shorter than in the summer. Candidates can choose if they also want to work on Saturday, so 6 days a week. You will be working on small teams. Your team member will help and assist  you to get all training from a skilled thatcher and with time you will manage to learn the thatcher role.



  • A CV in english is needed to apply for this job
  • Similar experience will be an advantage
  • Flexibility with work schedules and tasks
  • Availability to stay in the Netherlands long term
  • Ability to work as a team and individually.



Good english communication skills,minimum B1.