Roof Production Carpenter (400-425€ net/week) Oss, in Netherlands

Position is open for 49 daysAvailable positions: 4/4Salary: from /h

Job description

A&T Prefab, a leading manufacturing company based in Oss, The Netherlands, specializing in custom-made roofs for homes. They are looking to hire both Framers and Finishers to work in their factory setting. A&T Prefab is looking for skilled and experienced individuals who can contribute to their production team! 

Both positions of Framers and Finishers require attention to detail and precision in their work. Previous experience with hand tools and pneumatic tools is essential, and candidates must be familiar with wood framing techniques.

Responsibilities will include: 


  • constructing the roof structures using pinewood 
  • read and interpret drawings
  • work with power tools


  • handle the final stages of the roof frame
  • installing roof foil, insulation, battens, and skylights in wood frames
  • reading drawings accurately

You will work 40 hours per week (07:00-15:45) Monday to Friday. Saturdays are also an option when fully trained and capable of working independently



Holiday allowance



  • CV in English is needed to apply for this job;
  • Proven experience as a Carpenter, ideally with specific experience in roof production or framing;
  • Proficiency in reading technical drawings and blueprints related to roofing projects;
  • Strong carpentry skills and knowledge of various hand tools and power tools used in roof construction;
  • Knowledge of different roofing materials and construction techniques;
  • Motivation to work and live in the Netherlands long-term.



The language requirement for the job is proficiency in English and/or German