Production worker / Reach truck driver Genderen, in Netherlands

Position is open for 53 daysAvailable positions: 3/3Salary: from 12.27€/h

Job description

Oerlemans Plastics is a leading manufacturer of flexible synthetic plastics and film products. They’re selling their products in more than 30 countries worldwide.

This company is focused on customer satisfaction, quality, and results. They want to provide the best service possible, so they handle all logical operations themselves.

Oerlemans Plastics is looking for Production Workers / Reach Truck Drivers to join their team in Genderen!

In this position, your duties will include the following:

  • Preparing the planned production orders;
  • Taking care of the extrusion process;
  • Checking the quality;
  • Registering the production data in the ERP system;
  • Keeping track of new and departing products;
  • Driving a reach truck to replace the products;
  • Updating your team with relevant information at the end of your shift.

Gross salary is €12,27 per hour. The salary includes a 10,5% holiday allowance and additional-legal holiday hours. 

You’ll work in three shifts; from 6 AM to 2 PM, from 2 PM to 10 PM, and from 10 PM to 6 AM

For this position, you need to have a reach truck certificate or at least experience driving one. Additionally, technical insight is mandatory.

This opportunity is physically demanding, so you need to be physically fit.

If you demonstrate that you are a reliable employee, you will be provided with private housing and transportation.

You will receive a bike if the workplace is within 10 km of your housing. In case you use your own car, the fuel allowance will be €0.19 per km with a maximum of €11 per day.

In the workplace, you’ll have free coffee and tea in the canteen.

What the agency will deduct from your salary:

  • €111,75 per week for accommodation costs;
  • €29,21 for health insurance;
  • €150 for bike deposit.

This is a long-term and full-time job offer. 



Working as a production worker/reach truck driver, you'll have the following allowances:

- 125% for all shifts;
- 125% for more than 40 hours/week;
- 175% for working on Saturdays;
- 300% for working on Sundays



  • CV in English is mandatory to apply for this position;
  • Responsible and serious;
  • Ability to work independently;
  • Ready to work during holidays;
  • No use of alcohol and drugs;
  • Eager to work in a team and follow the company rules;
  • Willingness to live and work with other nationalities;
  • Ready to stay longer in the Netherlands.



B1 level of English