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Production worker (Poultry Loading Machine) Stramproy, in Netherlands

Position is open for 89 daysAvailable positions: 10/10Salary: from 11.16€/h

Job description

Our partners in the Netherlands “IPS” are currently looking for new team members to join their team in two positions:  Employee Poultry Loading Machine and Operator Poultry Loading M. 

Your daily tasks as a team member (catcher) P. Loading Machine: 

  • As soon as the operator starts the machine you make sure that all draws of a container are being filled with the right amount of chickens. 
  • Animal welfare is very important, so you continuously check if the chickens are properly in the container.

Your daily tasks as operator P. Loading Machine:

  •  Pick up your colleagues at their homes and then drive to the customer, a poultry farmer.
  •  As soon as you start the machine you are responsible for controlling the machine.
  • In addition to that, you are in the lead of your 2-3 crew members who are also working on the machine: you set the tempo/pace and make sure everything is being done animal friendly. It is important that you have an affinity with technology because when the machine is giving an error you will need to fix it.
  • End of the day, you bring your crew members home and park your bus at your house.

It’s a traveling job offer, long term. You will be paid for the time when traveling from one farm to another one.

Expense allowance paid per worked shift: + € 7,50 per shift. Holiday pay: 8% of the salary. In case of driving: 2 extra hours per day (minus € 10,- advance per day). 

Advance payment: Deduction of the total of the advance payments they received in 4 weeks. Rent for a house: € 55,- per week (€ 220,- per 4 weeks). Salary settlements within 4 weeks. 70EUR per each worked day. It’s an advanced payment weekly.

After 1 month of trial, you can get a direct contract with the company, with 36 hours/week guaranteed.



Expense allowance paid per worked shift: € 7,50 per shift
Holiday pay: 8% of the salary
In case of driving: 2 extra hours per day (minus € 10,- advance per day)



  • Good work mentality;
  • Team player and flexible with sifts
  • For operator position: Driving license B;
  • Affinity with technology;
  • Good communication skills. 



Candidates with begginer English are welcome!