Production worker (fresh salad) Rijnsburg, in Netherlands, from 10,55€/hour

Position is open for 4 daysAvailable positions: 9/10

Job description

The Company is a large fresh salad and vegetable distributor. The factory is located in a city Rijnsburg, the Netherlands. Factory has 3 major departments: production, packing and logistics.

Production department tasks:

  • Cutting and preparing vegetables,
  • Work with knife,
  • Speed is essential

Packing department tasks:

  • Packing production in boxes,
  • Quality check (visual control of the produced goods)

Logistic department tasks:

  • Picking of orders of production
  • Preparing stock for transport to the clients.

The employees are working in a team with various tasks and delivers a combination of the various required tasks in 3 major departments: production, packing and logistic. There is low temperature and humidity at the factory. Work is in 2 shifts. This is a long term work offer. 

Additionally to the salary per hour you earn a weekly paid holiday allowance of 8.33% over your salary and there are allowances for late hours and weekend work. 



  • Availability to work for at least 6 months
  • Ability to work in low temperature and humid environment
  • Some production experience will be an advantage
  • Ability to work in fast tempo, following safety and hygiene rules



Some English skills are required.