Production assistant (online interview) Boxtel, in Netherlands

Position is open for 110 daysAvailable positions: 2/2Salary: from 11.08€/h

Job description

Last step of recruitment is an online interview with UNILUX coordinator. You will be asked questions about the company and your motivation.

Our partners in the Netherlands Unilux are looking for production workers. They manufacture  mosquito nets and keep a good quality control in all processes, from product development to delivery of mosquito nets, 

Everything is developed and produced in their factory in Boxtel. They believe that new colleagues will bring them something new and contribute to their quality and future!

If you are looking for a job in production this is the job for you!

Your tasks as a production assistant working for Unilux made include:

  • Labelling packages and products 
  • Packing products and orders according to instructions.
  • Cutting the nets  before the packaging
  • Prefabricating, producing, assembling the nets.
  • Preparing shipments with insect repellent,
  • Ensuring quality at all times.

This is a full time long term vacancy! Candidates must be available in high season also available on Saturdays. From April to October work will be 45 hours every week, from October until April work  will be 35 hours every week).

Candidates applying for this vacancy will be interviewed on a video call (Whatsapp) directly with the company coordinator prior to their acceptance.

Full salary is paid every 4 weeks,  accommodation, insurance etc is deducted from it. Pre-payment is received after two weeks and it is 3 euros per worked hour. The salary is received the following week (on Friday, or Monday, depends on the bank). After the end of the month employees receive a “big payment”, with the rest of the payment they haven’t received yet.



€11,36 gross / hour (after 6 months working at the company)
€12,51 gross / hour (after 1 year working at the company)



  • A CV in english is needed to apply for this job;
  • Having an affinity with techniques/metal/manufacturing industry will be an advantage;
  •  Proactive and flexible in the job environment;
  • Quality oriented and an eye for detail;
  • Able to work on a fast and stressful workplace;
  • Able to stay in the Netherlands long term.



Employees have to speak B2 English and willingness to learn Dutch language