Plumber (from 430 EUR net/weekly) , in Netherlands

Position is open for 45 daysAvailable positions: 2/2Salary: from /h

Job description

Our partners from the Netherlands are looking for experienced plumbers. Plumbing works never stop and good, experienced plumbers are hard to find! If you have plumbing experience and skills, apply for this position! Projects can be located in all parts of the Netherlands, agency will cover the travel costs. 

Plumbers in the Netherlands earn from €430 weekly/net and more! This is net salary after deducted taxes and accommodation costs. 

Plumbers will work in housing construction, positioning of pipelines, installed sewer pipes, water pipelines, supply of CV pipes, by reading technical drawings. For the plumbing company it is important their plumbers are experienced and skilled to:

  • read and follow work orders and/or
    technical drawings;
  • drill, bend, saw etc. and construct complete systems;
  • install piping systems for gas supplies, water supplies and drainage supplies.

A plumber/pipefitter will be responsible for, amongst other things:
cleaning up the workspace and work environment
compliance with safety instructions. Type of projects you might have are residential construction, public utilities construction, industrial construction.

Long term job for plumbers who are looking for a stable job place, Maintec agency will always find a job for you!



  • Education and or experience in plumbing works and a CV in English with detailed information
  • Availability for at least 6 months work in the Netherlands
  • Motivated worker, serious attitude towards work
  • VCA Certificate or ready to obtain



Good English or German