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Paper sorter (recycling) Renkum, in Netherlands, from 12,77€/hour

Position is open for 19 daysAvailable positions: 0/2

Job description

If you are not afraid of working in dusty, loud environment, we have a job for you!
Our Dutch partner offers recycling solutions to ensure that customers’ corrugated cardboard packaging and paper is recycled.
Therefore, the company is looking for paper sorters.
You will work in the end of sorting line (standing by the line all day) and you will be responsible for the following tasks:
  • Inspect and sort out paper and cardboard from pre-sorted recycled production;
  • Pull contaminants (can be trash or other materials, plastic etc) out and remove them;
  • Clean up conveyor and surrounding sorting line;
  • Report any worker-public safety factors and/or equipment malfunctions.
Mostly all sorting is done by machines but the last sorting step be done manually. It can be a physically demanding job as it is needed to handle some heavy objects and be exposed to dirty paper from recycling containers
Working shifts rotate, in a 6 days schedule, in 3 shifts: morning shift from 6:00 to 14:00, afternoon shift from 14:00 to 22:00 and night shift from 22:00 to 6:00. Workers might be requested overtime hours to achieve daily targets.
Temperature in the working area can vary from +10 to +30 degrees. 
Accommodation is placed in different locations, surrounding the warehouse: people can travel on foot, by bike or by car, depending on the distance.
Long term job offer. 


18 - 20 € 9,75 bruto/h (€ 7,55 + 30% shifts allowance)
21> €9,82 bruto/h + 130% shifts allowance = 12,77€



  • CV is necessary to apply for this job;
  • Previous experience in warehouse/factory, as a line worker, is an advantage;
  • Reliable, Team work, with attention to detail and capable to manage own time, to maintain a high work speed;
  • Physically healthy, being able to stand on feet all day, without dust allergies;
  • Flexible and not be afraid of dirt and dust;
  • Good communications skills;
  • Availability to stay in the Netherlands for a long time (minimum 6 months).



You should be able to communicate in English (B1 minimum), German (A2 level) or Dutch (A2 level)