Order picker (various temperatures) Son, in Netherlands

Position is open for 36 daysAvailable positions: 1/4Salary: from 12.4€/h

Job description

Lekkerland is a large food wholesale warehouse, providing services for retail and convenience stores. The company is looking for warehouse workers for the new season, for order picking positions.

In Order picking, you will work with an English voice-pick system, checking customers requests. You will drive an EPT (electric-pallet truck) or walking through the warehouse, during the entire workday.

You might also be, eventually, requested to act as a packer, by picking, labeling and stacking supermarket products.

Reach truck driving tasks are also available, in case you have experience by driving this vehicle.

Any unsatisfactory product must be reported to shift supervisor.
Other activities can be assigned, if necessary.

Depending on the department, where workers will be scheduled, the warehouse has various temperatures: normal (room temperature), fresh (+1ºC to +4ºC) and freezer (-23ºC). Working in the colder environments, you will be paid an extra allowance per hour.

Shifts are regular from Monday to Friday and start at 8:00 or 10:00 in the morning, ending once working targets are achieved. Workers might be requested to work weekends. Flexibility for overtime hours is requested.

Long term job offer. Excellent team environment.


FRESH (+1/+4ºC): +0.42EUR/hour.
FREEZER (-15/-23ºC): +1.01EUR/hour.



  • CV is needed to apply for this job;
  • Experience working in order picking and driving EPT will be a plus;
  • Experience or certificate driving other warehouse vehicles is an advantage;
  • Flexibility to work overtime and in different temperatures, especially in the freezer;
  • Physical health and strength towards possible heavy lifting;
  • Motivation and attention to detail;
  • Serious and team work player.



Communication English level A2