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Mattress production worker (in NL) , in Netherlands

Position is open for 118 daysAvailable positions: 2/2Salary: from 10.95€/h

Job description

Recticel is an international industrial company producing various products from polyurethane (foamy soft material), that contribute to our daily comfort. They develop, produce and commercialize these solutionsin four uses : Flexible Foams, Bedding, Insulation and Automotive. Company is looking for new employees. Your main tasks and responsibilities will be:

  • checking materials, sorting the big pieces of material
  • setting up machines, inserting the material for cutting
  • performing assembly work of the ready products, packing the product
  • doing all other necessary production tasks 

You will work in 2 shifts. In this factory different jobs are suited for both men and women. From 06:00 till 14:05 and 14:05 till 22:10 o’clock. Work is from Monday till Friday. In the busy period are 3 shifts possible. It’s long term job offer. 



13% allowance on shifts



  • to have similar job experience
  • to be ready to do production job
  • to be ready to work in 2 shifts schedule
  • to be physically healthy and don't have health problems



English language is needed, at least B1 level.