Logistics worker (loader) Barneveld, in Netherlands

Position is open for 53 daysAvailable positions: 2/2Salary: from 10.77€/h

Job description

You would work for a large logistics company that specializes in cargo (animal feed) transportation. The company packs feed into bags of various sizes and transports them and pallets throughout the Netherlands. The company also provides warehousing services to its customers.

Your job would be in Barneveld. As a logistics worker, you would be responsible for unloading and loading trucks.

Your tasks working with Kommer may include:

  • Unloading the bags with animal feed,
  • load pallets, carry the bags to a certain mechanism where the bags are cut,
  • pouring the bags into a special mechanism, which redistributes the feed and repackages according to customer requirements.
  • maintaining your workspace clean
  • other logistic tasks

The temperature in the workplace is normal, not cold, in reality it is the outdoor temperature, because you often work at the ram. You will need to be flexible with work schedules, you might be asked to do extra hours. Houfing will be located at bicycle distance.

Wr are looking for a healthy and strong candidate since its a physically demanding job.



  • CV in english is necessary to apply for this job
  • Without hypersensitivity to odors.
  • Logistics or loader experience will be an advantage
  • availability to stay in the Netherlands for at least 1 year
  • ability to work as team and independently
  • Ready to ride bicycle to work



English A2