Logistics Assistant (meat factory) (with experience) Veenendaal, in Netherlands

Position is open for 118 daysAvailable positions: 0/1Salary: from 13€/h

Job description

Jan Zandbergen, operating in the food sector, supplies its products to the meat industry, catering services and retail.

The company is currently looking for a Logistics Assistant, who will work directly with the Logistics Team Supervisor.

Your main tasks are:

  • Collection and preparation of orders for dispatch;
  • Weighing and packaging of products on different pallets;
  • Packaging quality inspection, marking, expiration dates monitorization;
  • Accurate (un)loading, assembly and transportation of pallets to different locations driving a forklift or reach truck;
  • Other additional tasks: training new co-workers, etc.

2 Working shifts – Morning shift (from 05:00/06:00 – 15:00); Afternoon shift (15:00 – 00:00). Sometimes, depending of the daily workload, shifts may end later. Flexibility is necessary to work overtime and during weekends.

Temperatures onsite are cold and wet (0ºC/+3ºC). Work is physically heavy, as workers have to walk/stand and lift potential heavy packages during the entire shift. Warm working clothes and boots are provided. There is a resting area (smoking area + free coffee/tea). Full-time and long term job offer.



  • CV in English is necessary to apply for this job;
  • Similar warehouse experience in Logistics;
  • Forklift/Reach Truck driving experience + certificate is a must;
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously at a fast pace;
  • Compliance with food hygiene and safety standards;
  • Diligence in weighing/checking orders;
  • Physically strong to work in cold environments;
  • Problem-solver personality, motivated to adapt to different challenges;
  • Capable to manage modern technologies;
  • Flexibility toward work schedule;
  • Fake nails or visible piercings are forbidden;
  • Availability to stay in the Netherlands for +1 year.



Good English communication skills (B1 level minimum)