Kitchen surface preparer (with similar experience) 's-Heerenberg, in Netherlands

Position is open for 7 daysAvailable positions: 9/10Salary: from 14.38€/h

Job description

Topline provides stone and special custom-made kitchen surfaces (top parts of kitchen appliances). The company is currently looking for a handy worker, flexible to perform all-around tasks to prepare the kitchen surface.

Do you consider yourself a handy person, capable of multitasking, and used to working with tools?

Your main activities are:

  • cut the ready kitchen surfaces to match the calculations, cut out part of the material for sinks, stoves, electricity outlets, etc.;
  • clean and prepare the surface;
  • install several extra features/gadgets for kitchen surfaces, according to customer specifications;
  • Quality control and report shift-supervisor any equipment error; 
  • Other necessary tasks.

The workplace is a workshop, where you will create and prepare custom-made kitchen sets for installation. The bases are already pre-made. Training will be provided, at the workplace, to operate simple machinery.

You will be informed of the shifts weekly. Overtime is a possibility, depending on daily workflow.

Full-time and long-term job offer.



  • CV in English is needed to apply for this job;
  • Similar experience working with wood;
  • Capable to handle different tools and machines;
  • Capable to read and understand verbal or written instructions, drawings, etc;
  • Basic math calculations;
  • Strong to lift potential heavy material;
  • Flexible towards shifts and required tasks;
  • Motivated and serious candidate;
  • Availability for a long-term stay abroad.



Good communication in English (at least B1)