Handyman with own car and VCA (480€-500€ net/week) , in Netherlands

Position is open for 14 daysAvailable positions: 1/1Salary: from 16€/h

Job description

A reliable and well-known Dutch provider of skilled high standard workers in construction, and also our long-time partner, is looking for experienced handymen for upcoming projects, to multiple locations in the Netherlands.

Do you have experience in construction, and are looking for a new challenge abroad? This can be your opportunity then!

The customer produces prefab facades for various projects, and transports them to the construction sites. They need 8 employees in total.

Activities on the construction site (6 candidates):

  • Laying the floors according to the installation schedule;
  • Installing wall elements according to the installation drawing;
  • Securing connecting anchors and installing safety features;
  • Removal of the transport facilities;
  • Sealing walls;
  • Applying/glueing the brick slips that come off during transport;
  • Transport of materials;
  • Cleaning up and keeping the construction site tidy.


Activities in the customer’s hall (2 candidates):

  • Transporting material
  • Sticking corners to brick slips;
  • Loading and unloading of truck;
  • Demoulding.

Groups are also welcome, but at least one of the candidates need to speak fluent English!


  • The agency offers accommodation (single room in well-equipped shared houses).
  • Salary is paid every Thursday and it’s between 480€-500€ net/week, depending on experience, on a 40-hour workweek (insurance deductions already made). 
  • You are free to bring your own tools if you have them, or you will be provided with HILTI tools.
  • Working clothes, shoes and sleeping equipment shall be provided by the candidate.
  • You will have 20 days of vacation during the year. These vacation days will be paid in the Summer & Christmas vacation and are built up by working.
  • No transport? You can rent a car for 50€ per week, a one-time safety deposit of 200€ is needed. Want to rent a car with someone else? No problem, the agency prefers it.
  • Storage service: free storage for your personal belongings in the agency warehouse during your holidays.
  • Free night at a hotel near the agency office for a good night’s sleep. You get picked up in the morning.


  • A CV in English is required to apply for this vacancy;
  • At least 1 year of experience at construction sites is mandatory;
  • Already existing BSN number is strongly preferred;
  • Own means of transport is mandatory;
  • VCA certificate is mandatory;
  • Own car is always welcome;
  • Ready to live and work with multiple nationalities;
  • Ready to stay long-term is the Netherlands.



At least B1 level of English is required.