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Greenhouse and field worker Boskoop, in Netherlands

Position is open for 53 daysAvailable positions: 0/1Salary: from 10.32€/h

Job description

Our partner the Opus agency is cooperating with Dutch agriculture companies and plant distribution centers in the areas of Boskoop / Waddinxveen / Gouda / Moerkapelle / Zoetermeer, in the Netherlands.

During the season (from February to October) you will be working for one or several locations, doing different agriculture tasks. Jobs for entire season: 

  • different tasks on fields and plantations,
  • order-picking and plant preparation for transport in warehouses for plants, 
  • growing and cultivating plants in nursery greenhouses, 
  • weeding gardens, cutting plants, watering plants
  • working with pot-machine etc.

We are looking for people who can ride bicycle to work and are ready to work outdoors in fields. Work can be physically demanding (moving boxes, repetitive bending, standing long hours, walking long distances in fields or greenhouses). 

Working hours can vary on first weeks. High season starts from February to October, but there is plenty to do during the remaining months so you have to be flexible. Long term stay is possible for motivated workers, also good workers are welcome to return back to work in the next season. 

The Agency will conduct a Skype interview with all candidates not only to check work expectations, but also to clarify about the available working tasks to be handled at greenhouses.



  • Good motivation to work agriculture job!
  • available for the entire agriculture season until September/ October
  • able to drive a car or ride a bicycle to work
  • to be ready to do physical job;
  • to be ready to work independently and in a team;
  • flexible to a number of worked hours and working position.
  • If you have own car it would be a big plus.



Basic English