Glass installer/ sealer (with experience) Groesbeek, in Netherlands

Position is open for 110 daysAvailable positions: 1/1Salary: from 12.21€/h

Job description

Our partner in the Netherlands is looking for experienced workers, Kegro specializes in the manufacture and design of all kinds of doors. 

The position they are looking for is for a production worker who will be in charge of assembling the glass windows to the doors or other similar tasks. The job is done with the doors that are fitted with hinges and locks, glass and sealant

Your main tasks working at Kegro as a sealer may include:

  •  Applying various types of glass in painted doors (conventional and fire-retardant doors);
  • Applying sealing tape;
  • Installing glazing beads;
  • Sealing the windows to metal frames or wooden frames  and the application of sealant according to Kegro standards;
  • Other tasks related to the production of the doors;
  • Maintaining your work area clean and organized.

We are looking for a flexible hard working candidate, the job is done Monday to Friday and its a 40 hour weekly position but you may be asked to do extra hours.



  • A CV in english is required to apply to this job;
  • Strong and physically healthy;
  • Experience as a window installer;
  • Experience in a similar work environment;
  • Availability to stay in the Netherlands long term;
  • Ability to work independently and as a team;
  • Flexibility with working hours.



Good english skills, minimum B1.