Coordinator (from 1700€ to 2200€ month) , in Netherlands

Position is open for 54 daysAvailable positions: 2/2Salary: from /h

Job description

Our partner agency in the Netherlands is on the look for a new Coordinator. Responsible for the proper functioning of the team when carrying out work for the client.

The Coordinator has the following (more specific) tasks within the scope of his authority: 

Taking care of the planning, in consultation with the Project Manager, of both the Stuwarooij employees and the Van Delft employees, in such a way that sufficient employees are available for a specific day/week to carry out the production planned for that day/week. 

Constant focus on the quality and productivity of the Stuwarooij employees and optimizing this by, for example, guiding the (assistant) foremen; making control rounds aimed at determining possible Emergencies, and ascertaining that everyone is present (in accordance with the planning).

Also ensuring that Stuwarooij employees are wearing the correct work clothing for the sake of recognisability and safety (safety clothing/shoes) and passing on to the Project Manager any clothing that needs replacing.

In addition, ensure that Stuwarooij employees are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and that the house and safety rules that apply on the work floor are observed by them.

Ensure that all Stuwarooij employees on the work floor comply with the hygiene rules applicable at Van Delft, such as completely covering their hair with hairnets and washing and disinfecting their hands; for example, by carrying out random checks in the washing area.

Both during and after each shift, ensure that the work floor is clean and tidy, and also report any issues that might jeopardize safety to the Project Manager and the client’s operational manager. Safety issues must of course be resolved before the Coordinator allows people to go to work (again).

In the event of Emergencies resulting from the functioning of Stuwarooij’s employees, the Coordinator;

  • Firstly, to try to solve the problem;
  • Secondly, to speak to the (Assistant) Foreman responsible and, if necessary, to direct and supervise him more intensively or to discuss his performance with the Project Manager;
  • If and in so far as a calamity may affect the overall operational process, to report it to the Project Manager, and in his absence to the principal’s operational manager. Leadership and supervision. 
  • In the case of new employees, evaluate the performance of these employees daily with the (Assistant) Foremen and ensure that these employees meet the required quality and productivity within a period of four weeks.

The Coordinator of Stuwarooij at Hema maintains contacts with Hema’s quality controller and, together with the Project Manager, takes up problems with Hema’s operational managers.



Salary is 1700 to 2200 euro Brutto, paid every 4 weeks.



  • A CV in English is needed to apply to this position;
  • Knowledge or some experience in recruitment will be a plus;
  • Fluent in English (other languages will be an advantage);
  • Flexibility with working tasks and schedules;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Willingness to drive a car to and from places in the Netherlands.



Good communication skills in English.