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Container loader , in Netherlands

Position is open for 6 daysAvailable positions: 1/9Salary: from 11.16€/h

Job description

Stuwarooij provides container loading and unloading services for more than 100+ Dutch warehouses.

Employees are changing the warehouse after the loading job at one client is finishedEvery morning the company provides free car transport and drives you to the warehouse where you will be loading and unloading containers that day. If the job ends at one project, the team member can go to another project to make sure he works enough amount of hours. 

Your daily tasks will consist of: 

  • working in teams of 2 people loading and unloading containers;
  •  make sure the container is loaded or unloaded on time (manual work);
  • the weights differ per container and per project, the average maximum weight is 25 kilos;
  • following all safety instructions and regulations;
  • other related tasks. 

The contract is initially 6 months, with a possible extension. You have 160 guaranteed hours in 4 weeks, earning  € 1841,60 gross. Additionally, you can earn bonuses after evaluation every 3 months. Managers evaluate team member based on their behavior in our locations and their performance at work.

Salary is paid every 4 weeks, in between salary payments you can request a weekly advance payment of 75 EUR/week (deducted later from the salary). 



Vacation allowance is not included, and is paid once a year in June ( 8% of monthly salary ).



  • CV in English is required to apply for this job;
  • Physically healthy to work loading work 8 hours a day, lifting up to 25kg at once;
  • Flexible to change work locations and work for different warehouse projects;
  • Ability to follow all safety regulations;
  • Physically healthy and able to walk all day;
  • Ability to work independently and as a team; 
  • Flexibility towards shifts and working hours, overtime;
  • Availability to stay in the Netherlands for a long time (minimum 6 months).



English or Polish is mandatory for this position.