Combitruck driver (with Dutch certificate) Oss, in Netherlands

Position is open for 406 daysAvailable positions: 3/3Salary: from 12.25€/h

Job description

XPO is a large logistic company with warehouse worldwide. Currently we are looking for warehouse employees at XPO Oss. The core business of the company is importing and distribution, work is in a warehouse.  

Employees perform such tasks:

  • (Un)loading trucks and moving goods for storage or for shipment, either manually or driving a Combi Truck, following safety regulations while handling equipment and moving shipments – lifting equipment weighting +/- 15 kg;
  • Make sure prepared orders in pallets are perfectly stacked and secure;
  • Inspect stock items for defects, reporting to shift supervisor;

Candidates must also perform order picking tasks such as: 

  • Order picking of  products;
  • Preparing orders and packing;
  • Quality control, reporting;
  • All logistic activities to support the flow of goods in the distribution center.

This role requires flexibility and additional hours may be needed to meet the needs of the business. The temperature inside the warehouse is average.

All candidates will have video-interview prior to acceptance. Availability to stay in the Netherlands long term is a must.

Candidates applying for this vacancy will be interviewed on a video call (Whatsapp) directly with the company coordinator prior to their acceptance.

Full salary is paid every 4 weeks,  accommodation, insurance etc is deducted from it. Pre-payment is received after two weeks and it is 3 euros per worked hour. The salary is received the following week (on Friday, or Monday, depends on the bank). After the end of the month employees receive a “big payment”, with the rest of the payment they haven’t received yet.



  • A CV in english is required to apply for this position;
  • Dutch combitruck certificate is a must;
  • Relevant experience with driving combitrucks;
  • Experience in order picking will be a plus;
  • Flexibility with working hours and schedules;
  • Ability to work individually and as a team;
  • Availability to stay in the Netherlands long term.



Advanced English level minimum B1/B2.