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Chicken production worker Nijkerkerveen, in Netherlands

Position is open for 28 daysAvailable positions: 6/6Salary: from 11.86€/h

Job description

Van Den Bor is a modern, specialized company with a tradition of quality. The company supplies chicken products in partnership with poultry farms and factories in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

Are you motivated to work abroad as a meat production worker in the long term? The company is currently looking for production workers to join its team! 

Your daily tasks will include: 

  • process and pack chicken parts;
  • carry out work on and around the production line following the instructions applicable to the workplace, at a fast pace;
  • use simple mechanical tools or operating production machines;
  • process meat and move it into large crates, moving boxes of approx.10 -15 kilos;
  • separate meats and byproducts into specified containers and seal containers;
  • maintaining your work area clean and organized;
  • following food safety and hygiene guidelines;
  • different tasks depending on the department.

It’s a long-term, full-time job offer. Work is organized in different shifts and schedules. Distance from work to accommodation is 1 hour.

Working temperatures may vary depending on the department in which tasks are to be carried out, so some flexibility is required concerning cold temperatures and unpleasant meat smells.

Protective clothing and basic training will be provided. The company recommends bringing warm jumpers/thermal clothing that can be worn under work clothes! 

You have to wear long pants, closed shoes, and no jewelry or fake nails/lashes are allowed in food production!



  • Experience in meat production will be a plus;
  • Ready to work in a slaughterhouse;
  • Physically healthy and strong, be prepared for a physical job;
  • Ready to work in a cold working environment, below room temperature;
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, precisely and accurate; 
  • Flexibility with working schedules and tasks; 
  • Willing to endure the specific smell, capable of facing machine noise;
  • As tasks are related to the processing of poultry, workers cannot have infectious or skin diseases;
  • Attention to hygiene, safety, and quality standards;
  • Availability to stay in the Netherlands long-term.



English: A2