Cheese production worker Bodegraven, in Netherlands

Position is open for 358 daysAvailable positions: 4/4Salary: from 10.91€/h

Job description

Vepo Cheese, a traditional Dutch family company, well-known in the Cheese industry, is currently recruiting cheese production workers for their factory in Bodegraven.

Do you want to transform milk into cheese Check below if you are the company’s dream worker.
Workers will be divided in small teams, within the production departments, becoming responsible for cutting, grating and packing cheese. Work is inside a clean manufacturing environment.
Your main responsibilities are:
  • Operate machines that do cheese cutting and grating, monitoring the cooking temperature and mix the ingredients into the milk;
  • Operate scales to weigh product for packaging;
  • Pack cheese product into boxes, label and stack boxes on pallets and inspect packages and boxes or good seals and code dates, reporting shift supervisor on any quality defect;
  • Clean working area;
  • Other required tasks, if necessary.
Work is scheduled in two different shifts:
  • morning, from Monday till Friday (06:00 – 15:00);
  • afternoon, from Monday till Thursday (15:00 – 00:00).
  • Workers are allowed to pause 1 hour daily, divided in 3 (unpaid) pauses.

Additionally to the salary per hour you earn a weekly paid holiday allowance of 8.33% over your salary and there are allowances for late hours and weekend work. 

The temperature at workplace is around +7ºC to +9ºC. Workers will be provided with special white coats and protection cap for their hair.
Pleasant, young and enterprising working environment with actively committed colleagues, interested in personal initiative and development opportunities. 


18:00 22:00 130.00 %
00:00 . 07:00 140.00 %
22:00 24:00 140.00 %
Saturday 00:00-07:00 140.00 %
Sunday 22:00-24:00 140.00 %
Saturday 22:00-24:00 120.00 %
Sunday 120.00 %



  • Prior production and/or packaging experience would also be an advantage;
  • Fake eyelashes, nail polishing and jewelry are forbidden;
  • No face or neck tatoos, or face piercings;
  • Compliance with safety rules and regulations;
  • Average communication skills and basic math calculations;
  • Motivation to work in quick pace or overtime, if needed;
  • Team player, serious and motivated, with good organizational and communication skills;
  • VOG (Criminal Record Document) is a must;
  • Healthy and strong towards temperature variation and occasionally lifting.



Average English skills are required (minimum B1)