Bakery line operator Echt, in Netherlands

Position is open for 109 daysAvailable positions: 1/1Salary: from 13.8€/h

Job description

Would you like to begin your workday with the aroma of freshly baked bread? Consider becoming a line operator at Soma Bakery!

Soma Bakery has been baking a delicious assortment of bread for everyone since 1882, using a variety of cereals, including oats, spelled, wheat, and rye. As the absolute market leader in the Netherlands, Soma Bakery is constantly growing and expanding to other countries.

Join Soma Bakery and enjoy the satisfaction of creating tasty and nutritious bread for their customers! 

As a bakery line operator, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Carrying out manual production activities such as assembling semi-finished products, spraying, adding garnish and decoration, and filling;
  • Packing and closing products’ packaging;
  • Stacking and restacking products and outer cartons on pallets;
  • Cleaning and maintaining the work environment;
  • Identifying and fixing technical issues in the machines;
  • Following HACCP food production regulations.

This is a long-term, full-time job opportunity with the possibility of a contract.  The starting salary is €13.80 gross per hour if you’re 21 or older, including a 10.5% holiday allowance and payment for irregular holiday hours.

In this position, you may work extra hours during busy periods. You will get work clothes and shoes for free. You must wear long trousers and closed shoes, and no jewelry, false nails, or eyelashes are allowed in food production! 

 The distance to work is 7 km. A bike will be provided! 



  • CV in English is required to apply for this position;
  • Serious and motivated;
  • Efficient and proactive;
  • Physically strong and fit, ready for physically demanding tasks;
  • Able to follow HACCP food production regulations;
  • Flexible with working schedules and ready to work on weekends;
  • Willingness to live and work with multiple nationalities;
  • Available to stay longer in the Netherlands.



Minimum B1 level of English or Dutch.