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Automotive assembly worker Born, in Netherlands

Position is open for 73 daysAvailable positions: 5/5Salary: from 15.11€/h

Job description

Our partner agency is looking for Car part assembly line workers to join a team in VDL Nedcar company that is an independent Vehicle Contract Manufacturer for Mini Cooper and BMW cars in the Netherlands located in Born.

If you have a passion for cars and are willing to learn new skills this job might be just right for you! We are looking for candidates to join the team in Body – assembly: 

  • Physical, repetitive work;
  • Working by a fast pace production line;
  • Following technical drawings or instructions in simple assembly tasks.

The salary is:

21 years old: €13,14 brutto/hour + 15% shift allowance = €15,11 brutto/hour
22 years old: €13,47 brutto/hour + 15% shift allowance = €15,49 brutto/hour
23 years old and above: €13,55 brutto/hour + 15% shift allowance = €15,58 brutto/hour

All candidates work in shifts. Allowance of 15% is added to all worked hours. If you don’t work due to production circumstances, you will get paid the basic salary, without allowances
141 hours of work guaranteed every 4 weeks.

Accommodation is 10-30 km from work (2 people sharing a room), depending on housing availability. If needed, the agency might provide accommodation in a bungalow park near the border in Belgium. 

Application process:

  • Wiertz agency will accept you as a VDL applicant after having a phone call interview.
  • They will send you a form that you will have to fill with personal information
  • After they receive this, they will send you a simple test of VDL Nedcar via mail. For the test to be successful you need to score 2 out of 5. 
  • After the test, you will have an interview with VDL. 


  • CV in English is needed to apply for this job;
  • Previous technical work experience is a plus but not mandatory;
  • Physically healthy and strong;
  • Passion for technology is a plus;
  • Professional attitude and sense of responsibility;
  • Punctuality and flexibility towards working tasks and schedule;
  • Motivation to work and live in the Netherlands long-term.



At least B1 English or German.