✤ CE Truck Driver with experience (€625 net/week) Tilburg, in Netherlands

Position is open for 118 daysAvailable positions: 3/3Salary: from /h

Job description

Our partner in Tilburg is a company with more than 20 years of transport experience. Thanks to the large fleet of cars, the company ensures the transport of goods on the national stage and between the national arena and the well-known warehouses. 
If you are an experienced Truck Driver (CE), this is the job for you!

A typical working day would be:

  • The day before you receive a text message that indicates when you should arrive at the customer to deliver the merchandise;
  • The workday usually starts between 5 a.m and 7a.m;
  • After arriving at the main office, you will travel to the first customer, you will be responsible to unload the products. (Warehouse workers are happy to help but bear in mind that this is your first responsibility);
  • You will need to load the pallets back into the truck, empty one at a time;
  • In the meantime, you give the customer a list of documents to fill in;
  • You can return to the base and start another route.

In this company, you have an influence on the length of your work by choosing the right routes. You decide for yourself whether you choose multi-day routes with an overnight stay – or you prefer to return home every day! It is estimated that the drivers of this company work about 55 hours a week.

  • Salary is 625€ net per week, working 55 hours
  • Location: Diessen and Hoek

The company will support you at every stage. The accommodation is available in the form of high-standard single-person rooms; You will have free transport to work with a company car and there is the possibility of getting extraterritorial allowances.



  • A Cv in English is mandatory to apply for this vacancy;
  • CE driving license;
  • Experience as a truck driver;
  • Good communications skills;
  • Motivation and seriousness;
  • Readiness to establish long-term cooperation;
  • Availability to stay in The Netherlands for a long period of time.



Good Communication in English or Dutch