Warehouse Team-coach (Belgium) , in Belgium

Position is open for 53 daysAvailable positions: 3/3Salary: from 14.25€/h

Job description

Our partners are one of the largest Logistics companies in the world and at the moment one of the biggest in Belgium.  Already today they have several large logistic warehouses in Belgium and they are currently looking for Team coaches to join their start-up logistic warehouse. 

If you are looking for a stable job with the opportunity to get a fixed contract in Belgium and you have a team coach or similar experience this is the right job for you! 

It’s a standard logistic warehouse environment.  You will be working in a cold warehouse which is split into two parts: first 0 to +8, second +8 to +18. Work is organized in all departments. Your team will have between 15/30 people. 

Your daily working tasks as team coach will include: 

  •  Being a member of the team and giving a good example in how to follow processes in a warehouse (50% you are picking-loading-driving/ 50% you are helping and coaching the team.);
  • Divide the tasks of the day between all team members;
  • Follow-up productivity numbers and results of the team;
  • Execute and follow the planning made and adjust where needed;
  • Train and coach new members of the team;
  • Help with a yearly review of team members;
  • Hold team meetings to have good communication with the team
  • Basic admin tasks that have to do with the operational task or your team;
  • Responsible for the quality and safety of yourself and of your team members.

You have to be ready to work for a start-up, it can be a stressful job as processes will not be smooth, changes will have to be made on a daily basis, and helping to think for quick fixes and solutions when something is not working well. 

This is a long-term job offer, with the possibility of a fixed contract. 5 different starting hours in several shifts between 6 am and 10 pm. You can earn from 440€/week up to 575€ net weekly (depending on shift and working term).  Meal vouchers are available from the first working day. A  single room can be provided for 150€/week.



+7.5% ( early/late shift)
+12.5% ( night shift )
+100% on Bank holidays and Sundays
Normal overtime: 150% on the Gross
Reliance overtime: 100% Nett paid
if candidates sign up by their own will, they will be able to perform the first 120 hours/year of overtime in 2021 and 2022 as reliance over time.
Example 10€ Gross – will be paid as 10€ net for those 120 hours of overtime.



  • CV in English is required to apply for this job;
  • Very good English communication skills;
  • One leadership or years of warehouse experience is mandatory;
  • Reach truck certificate and experience will be a plus; 
  • Experience as a team coach in a start-up will be a big plus;
  • Productive and efficient on daily basis;
  • Ability to work in an international environment;
  • Stress resistant; 
  • Follow new developments in the market and be willing to learn new things all the time;
  • Ready to work on weekends and Christmas holiday;
  • Ability to stay in Belgium for a long period of time. 



Good English communication language, other additional languages will be a plus.