Tire fitter , in Belgium

Position is open for 110 daysAvailable positions: 2/2Salary: from 13.6€/h

Job description

Ou client in Belgium are looking for tire fitters to prepare for the upcoming spring tire changing season. Candidates must have some experience working at car tire centers in Belgium.

IF you have experience as a car technician or changing tires of a car alone or in a team of 2 people in +/- 20-30 minutes time, this is the job for you!

Candidates must be familiar with the usage of car tools such as tools used for tire assembly/disassembly, equipment and tools used for balancing, all equipment and tools used for tires regrooving as well as (measuring)equipment and tools used for alignment”

Your tasks working as a tire fitter may include

  • Assisting a tire assembler and working according to his commands;
  • Installing tires and making visual controls;
  • Inspecting the condition of the tires;
  • Assembling, disassembling and balancing  the tires;
  • Repairing tires that may be detached from a wheel;
  • Preparing cars for alignment;
  • Following regulations regarding safety, hygiene and environment and constantly striving to learn the job;
  • Interpreting the tire wear and tear;
  • Lifting cars with jack or a car lifts;
  • Systematically assembling and disassembling a wheels and tires
  • Using all the tools and machines correctly.

The tire changing season lasts around 2 to 2,5 months (until June). You should be ready to work on average 50 hours per week. Candidates must be flexible with working hours and schedules. The location of these tire centers are mostly in Antwerp and Brussels.

The company can pay back for the cost of travel to Belgium up to 125€ – based on a ticket, fuel receipt (the date on the receipt must be the date of travel!).



  • A CV in english is required to apply to this position;
  • Skilled to change different car tires or experience as a car technician is needed;
  • Ability to use tools and work in quick pace;
  • Previous experience in car tire changing professionally will be an advantage;
  • Availability for the tire season to remain in Belgium;
  • Flexibility with working schedule and hours;
  • Ability to work independently and as a team.



English skills are required, minimum B2.