Production worker , in Belgium

Position is open for 42 daysAvailable positions: 2/2Salary: from 12.5€/h

Job description

Coenegrachts Substraat are one of our partners in Belgium, their company specializes in the production of compost and soil subtracts made mainly out of mushrooms and other food components. They are looking for production workers to join the team at their factory.

If you are willing to work extra hours this is the job for you!

Your duties working for Coenegrachts Substraat may include:

  • Grafting mushrooms in compost;
  • Filling tunnels with raw materials;
  • Various cleaning chores (in small groups);
  • Quality standard revising
  • Other production tasks you may be asked to;

The company needs strong, motivated, candidates, who will be able to stand and work with materials that will have strong smells. Its not a physically demanding job, but it can be tedious.  The company will provide you with working clothes and protection gear, as well as meal vouchers.In this position flexibility is a must! The job is performed in various shifts, most workers do up to 44 hours weekly, mostly from Monday to Friday. 



  • CV in English, with information about experience, is needed to apply for this job;
  • Experience in agriculture is a plus;
  • Motivation to work and can withstand strong smells
  • Flexibility regarding working hours;
  • Healthy and capable to stand up for the entire working journey and eventually bend;
  • Team player, able to work in a fast-pace & capable to work independently;
  • Availability for six-months stay in Belgium



Basic English level needed.